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How To Get More Customers With This Unique Viral Facebook Marketing System

If you are looking for a powerful Facebook strategy using Facebook business pages to build a list and generate more leads and customers for your business then you might want to check out this unique viral Facebook marketing system.

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Harnessing The Viral Power of Facebook

Discover how to leverage the power of Facebook with this powerful viral Facebook marketing system

Why is Facebook such a powerful marketing tool for local businesses?

Most businesses look at Facebook and other social media platforms as a means of getting a business’s message out to a very large but untargeted audience. We see many of the big brands effectively utilizing Facebook for branding and to extend their market reach. It works very well for these businesses because they tend to have national and international clients.

However, for local businesses that rely on serving local customers, Facebook may be perceived as irrelevant and ineffective, which I would have agreed with 3 year ago. However, things have changed significantly since then because Facebook has invaded so many lives and it has spread like wildfire.

Let me share with you some stats that I think will change your thinking about Facebook and its potential for generating new customers for your local business:

  • In the UK, Facebook was the second most visited site (Google came top), according to UKOM/Nielsen, which grew by 84% since 2009.
  • As of 2011 there are 800 million active users on Facebook, which equates to approximately 1 in every 9 people on the planet and half of those are logged in to Facebook at any one time.
  • Experian Hitwise reported that Facebook accounted for almost 52% of U.K. visits to social networks in September 2011
  • ONS study into smartphone usage for browsing the web, revealed that nearly 45% of Britons made use of their smartphones for accessing the internet. I mention this here in passing because over the next 3 years you will want to pay close attention to the following 3 online themes that is going to be critically important to local businesses:
  • Local (SEO) marketing,
  • Social media (Facebook being the biggest hitter) marketing; &
  • Mobile optimization and mobile marketing

So let me answer the rhetorical question, why is Facebook important to local businesses?

Because that’s where many of your customers are… and more and more people are flocking to Facebook everyday. More importantly, these people are spending a lot of time on Facebook.

Also, because of Facebook’s popularity people tend to trust it more, which like other well-known brands such as Amazon, makes it easier to convert your visitors into paying customers on Facebook than on your own website.

A powerful tool that has really helped Facebook explode is the seemingly innocuous “Like” button that allows people to rate your pages and other Facebook activities, which acts as a sign of endorsement to other friends and connections on Facebook.

“When a potential customer sees that a business’s page has a lot of “Likes”, they will assume that this must be a good place to go spend money”

This is called social proof and I will show you how you can easily get 100s of likes very quickly with little effort on your part.

Also, here’s a little fact that most businesses don’t understand….

People use Facebook to socialize, talk with friends and family and generally engage with people. In other words they are in a social-recreational environment or state of mind…

So, if your business falls into the category that I term social-recreational, then your business has a huge advantage and can make a killing from using Facebook right now.

So businesses like restaurants, bars, clubs, sports, shopping, fashion and so on… you get the picture.

… these are the types of activities that people do during their social and recreational time and Facebook users are spending money right now on Facebook on these types of businesses.

It’s a goldmine, you’ve just got to learn how to tap into your market.


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