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How Using Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing With Traditional Advertising Can Double or Even Triple Your Sales

Boost traditional advertising ROI by combining it with the power of mobile sms text message marketingMobile SMS text message marketing can literally supercharge the performance or ROI o traditional advertising.

If you’re a business owner still largely dependent on traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads or radio, to drive traffic to your business but feel constantly frustrated and disappointed with your return on your advertising investment, then listen up closely because in this article you will discover why SMS text messaging is such a powerful marketing platform, and how you can use it to supercharge any of your existing traditional advertising to double or even triple sales.

Why Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing Is So Effective?

Everyone and his dog that owns a mobile phone, which lets face it is pretty much everyone on the planet, has sent and received at least one text message, which is also referred to as an SMS message.

A study by Deloitte confirmed that text messaging is still more popular than social media and email in terms of mobile phone usage. The study found that 90 percent of smartphone users send at least one text message per day compared to only 40 percent that used social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook  at least once a day.

The Deloitte study went on to conclude that mobile SMS text messaging is still popular because its more immediate and personal than other forms of mobile communication.

If you’ve been in business for a long time and you are still using traditional forms of advertising such as print ads and radio, you’ll have noticed that it’s not nearly as effective as it once was. However, the goods news is that by simply combining traditional marketing with mobile SMS text message marketing, the results can be transformational, making an otherwise unprofitable advertising campaign into a highly profitable one.

So to give  a traditional advertising campaign a real boost, here’s what you need to do.

Add an SMS call to action in your print advertisement.

That’s right, it’s as simple as that!

No rocket science, no SEO, no complex backlinking, no article marketing or RSS feeds and syndication. Just add a simple “short code” or “long code” SMS message to your print advertisement to get your potential customers to express their interest in your product or service. If you didn’t read my article on advertising on Groupon Milton Keynes, sms text message marketing and the importance of building your own list, simply following the link.

Here’s a great little video that explains how mobile SMS text message marketing works and how it can work for you.

To make your mobile SMS text message marketing campaign a big success, the key ingredient to text messaging lies in your irresistible hook that entices your potential customer to reply to your text message. The more irresistibly appealing your invitation the more likely that your customer will reply with your chosen word or phrase to confirm their interest in what you are offering. Get this part right and you get a very high opt-in rate and a very big list of mobile numbers from customers genuinely interested in what you have and with whom you can now begin developing a longer term relationship and instant revenues with each SMS blast.

Mobile SMS text message marketing is simple, very cost effective and when constructed correctly, is a very effective marketing strategy for local businesses in Milton Keynes and elsewhere.

To find out more or to discuss how mobile SMS text message marketing can help your business, give us a call today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.


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