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182 Percent Increase In Mobile Website Visitors To The Guardian’s Mobile Phone Website

The Guardian Newspaper revealed yesterday that year-on-year mobile phone website visitors increased by more than 182 percent, the biggest jump to date. This news comes on the back news from other high profile brands that are experiencing similar growth in web visitors from mobile devices.

Record Web Traffic Numbers On The Guardian’s Mobile Phone Website

The latest figures also show record traffic for the Guardian’s mobile sites – including – for the second month in a row. The Guardian’s mobile sites now see 640,220 average daily unique browsers, a 28% increase from last month’s previous record of 500,215. The mobile site has grown a huge 182.4% year on year.

Adam Freeman, Executive Director, Guardian News & Media, said: “At Guardian News & Media we are building a global news platform that is open to our audiences, new forms of content and new markets. We are building that on the rock-solid foundations laid by our newspapers but it is online that we are finding growth. Our record traffic revealed today is thanks to our presence on the web, on tablets and on mobile phones, and this growth is an indication of just how powerful our digital first and open strategy is.” Read the Guardian report here.

Record Numbers to The Guardian Mobile Phone Website


How we are communicate with one another is fast changing around us. New technology and new online trends is simply accelerating this rate of change, with the internet providing the infrastructure that makes rapid change possible when in the past the rate of take up to maturity of new trends would have taken much longer.

Today, it is not unheard of for new internet trends to appear and literally within a couple of years be worth billions of dollars – Google, Facebook, Groupon to name a few. The world as we know it is getting smaller and the vast majority of new opportunities that are appearing are online where things happen at lightning speed.

Mobile search traffic is quickly becoming a formidable presence online as the big brands recognize that the world around us is fast turning mobile, on the back of the phenomenally successful Apple iPhone and iPad. Companies have so far been slow to respond but that is now changing as savvy businesses are coming to realize the importance of a mobile phone website is to properly engage and communicate with the increasing army of mobile web visitors.

It is also becoming apparent that mobile traffic can be extremely lucrative to businesses big or small. Having the ability to communicate with potential customers literally 24 hours a day 7 days a week, is a very powerful medium. People are very addicted to their mobile phones and mobile devices and as a result it tends never to leave a person’s side – even when they go to the bathroom. Studies have also shown that mobile users respond more quickly on a mobile device, when for example they receive an email or text alert than compared with a desktop computer.

Mobile SMS or mobile text marketing is one excellent example of how incredibly powerful mobile marketing can be for businesses of all sizes. Text messaging when leveraged correctly has the potential to quickly generate new business through the fast and highly cost-effective use of simple text message alerts. It isn’t difficult to implement and doesn’t require any of the technical marketing skills of traditional internet marketing which can be expensive and very labour intensive.

However, tread carefully, it is surprising how many businesses are getting these marketing channels mixed up which can turn out costly. If you are engaging in any form of mobile marketing make sure that you have in place a mobile phone website to send your traffic and to collect leads. Sending mobile traffic to a non mobile phone website will largely turn into a wasteful exercise and significantly diminish the significant return on investment that can be made.

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