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Mobile Marketing In Milton Keynes – A Sneak Peak Into What The Future Holds For Local Businesses

Mobile Marketing In Milton Keynes - The Next Technological Explosion?

The Mobile Explosion

Over the next few very short years mobile marketing in Milton Keynes and in  many other local towns and cities around the world is set to completely revolutionize how local businesses and consumers interact and engage with one another.

For several years now marketing experts and analysts have been claiming that an explosion in mobile marketing is upon us, but each year the seemingly short lit fuse to this mobile bomb seems to just fizzle out.

It is difficult to point to one particular reason for the difficulties and challenges experienced by large global brands in capitalizing on the rapid growth in the number of internet-connected mobile phone users.

So what makes 2012 different and what can we expect for mobile marketing in Milton Keynes and elsewhere?

Several technological and online trends have been working together to create what appears to be a bottleneck in the next evolution in technology: The hugely popular Apple mobile products from iPhones to iPads, which in turn has kicked up an enormous amount of activity by rival companies looking to get in on the action; plus the huge shift online to everything social media and sharing.

The shift to mobile technology and the slow progression away from internet desktop based technology began when mobile phone companies and mobile app companies started making it easier for people to directly engage on social media sites on mobile devices.

This ease of connectivity created an explosion in mobile data demand causing new challenges for the mobile operators managing increasing traffic volumes on mobile networks and an increase in signaling loads particularly from internet services that were mobile unfriendly such as many social media sites, an issue that was addressed at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

There are still many challenges but many of the technological issues are rapidly being ironed out and many of the biggest online entities are working to make the online world more mobile friendly, since this is where there’s is biggest demand.

For national and local businesses alike, the challenge will be in getting to grips with and in understanding this new technological shift and putting together an effective strategy for mobile marketing in Milton Keynes and other geo-specific locations, as we know from various published studies that at least 1 in 3 mobile search queries have a local intent. So mobile marketing is particularly important for local providers of goods and services.

At present there is an enormous disparity between the number of mobile phone users with internet capability and the number of services online that can truly cater to this new consumer class. What is evident therefore is that companies that can utilize mobile marketing in Milton Keynes or other local geographical locations, will have a significant first mover advantage over competitors.

The Future Landscape Of Mobile Marketing In Milton Keynes & Elsewhere

Below is an extract of an article that I found online that gives an insightful view of what we can expect in the not too distant future, how mobile marketing and mobile technology will represent the convergence point of communication and media, and consequently why it’s important for businesses to take stock and start to formulate a plan of action if they haven’t done so already.

The battle for the future has been settled: between the competing claims of TV, Internet, fixed line or mobile, it is definitely the convergence of all these that is winning.

Convergence with Internet based services and products is already well under way, with fixed to mobile telephony convergence a leading beacon.

People will increasingly get their news online; they will not have to wait till they get to the office or home to catch up with the latest news. It will be right there at their fingertips, on their mobile. Mobile phones will be everywhere, a constant companion, far more than the fixed line phone handset ever was.

Up to a few years ago, people communicated via voice telephony, at that time still through fixed lines. Then cell phones came in and people started to speak to each other via the mobile phone, relishing the availability and the facility of being (not altogether an all-round blessing) instantly available everywhere and at all times.

When the mobile phone bills started getting steeper and steeper (the tariffs had not yet been reduced), people switched to sending text messages, SMSs.

For a time more traffic was carried by SMSs than by fixed or mobile calls.

But now even that is changing: it is data traffic that is on the rise and it has once again changed the whole nature of telecommunication business. Bandwidth and high-speed broadband technology are changing the name of the game.

For there has been yet another shift in usage pattern: people today use the mobile not just to talk, or just to send messages, but also to access the various social sites (think Facebook, for instance), to play games, to use the many applications that are coming on stream today.

Today’s mobile phones, and tomorrow’s even more, can become mini-TVs in their own right. Through them, given the right bandwidth, one would be able to access the huge amount of radio and TV stations around the world, download and play music and even films, watch news, TV programmes, football or any other sport as they are being played, and so on.

In time, we will also be able to purchase things in a supermarket via a smartphone connected to the Internet, and it can even tell us what is missing in our fridge or that we need to stock up. Original article click here.

It is only a matter of time before the holy grail of advertising, namely television, is also subsumed and delivered to the consumer via the internet and when that does happen, the importance to local businesses of mobile marketing in Milton Keynes and other geo-specific locations can not be overstated.

If you are a local business that would like to find out more about mobile marketing in Milton Keynes or in your local town or city, call us today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.

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