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The Darker Side of Why Local Businesses Will Benefit From Mobile Phone Advertising and Marketing

When it comes to profiting from a new growing trend, it’s widely accepted that some of the biggest gains are made by the early adopters or pioneers, and that can certainly be said to be true for mobile phone advertising and marketing with some of the biggest online movers and shakers generating some eye-popping revenue streams from mobile. But there’s a darker side for why mobile phone advertising and marketing is proving so successful.

The interesting thing about mobile phone advertising and marketing is that it is actually much easy to set up a successful marketing campaign than a traditional online campaign; the cost of running the campaign is also a lot lower and the return on investment can be much higher. But smaller local businesses tend to be the last to venture into the deep blue unknown, which ironically in this instance is a mistake as local businesses have perhaps the most to gain from mobile phone advertising and marketing and that’s because according to a detail Google study, 95% of mobile users search for “local” information, goods and services.

New research into nomophobia in relation to mobile phones usage partly explains why mobile phone advertising and marketing will be so profitable for many businessesBut there’s an even darker side for why local businesses, or any business for that matter, will do well with mobile phone advertising and marketing and that is to do with the rising new age phenomenon of a medical condition known as ‘Nomophobia’ which is being extensively studied by the Indian Journal of Community Medicine. Here’s an extract of an article I found in the Asia Times Online.

The Mobile Phone Addiction Known As Nomophobia

The first of its kind study that the Indian Journal of Community Medicine published in 2009 [1] is being updated, with news that the cell phone addiction levels are getting worse. The original study involved cell phone users between 17-28 years, and the higher percentage of addicts was among 20-22 years.

“73% of students keep their mobile phone with them even when they go to sleep – the cell phone is with them for 24 hours a day,” said the report. “Since millions of subscribers are being added every month, full-blown nomophobia has all possibilities to reach the epidemic scale, leading to serious psychiatric and psychological problems among users.”

The warning is not far-fetched, given the general cell phone-dependency among even children. Zoya, a school-going daughter of a friend in Kolkata, sends and receives text messages at 2.00 am. She would have contributed healthily to the eight trillion text messages estimated to have been exchanged worldwide in 2011. “There is definitely a rise in nomophobia among the general population,” Dr Dixit said in an e-mail to Asia Times Online, about his updated research.

Nomophobia And Why Businesses Will Do Well With Mobile Phone Advertising And Marketing

The fact that mobile phone usage is becoming so addictive, partly explains why mobile phone advertising and marketing is working so well for many businesses that take the leap into this new media channel. The Asian Times Online report on the rising incidence of nomophobia simply confirms what many studies are finding with regards to mobile user behaviour. Businesses are therefore finding a very captive audience for its mobile phone advertising and marketing campaigns. But the key is in setting up your campaign correctly.

There are many reasons why mobile phone advertising and marketing has so much going for it e.g. the addictive nature of mobile phones and devices; the high click through rates and conversations, for reasons I explained in another of my articles “Promising Future For Mobile Phone Advertising & Marketing“; the currently low ad cost of mobile ad inventory with the major advertising platforms such as Google and the Bing compared with internet advertising; and the currently very low competition that exists in the mobile marketing space.

For these reasons I believe that for those businesses that take a leap of faith and invest some time, money and energy into mobile phone advertising and marketing, they will experience supercharged business success over the next several years, as mobile advertising and marketing will inevitabl revolutionize how many businesses market in the future.

If your business would like more information on how to develop a successful mobile phone advertising and marketing campaign, give us a call today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists, as we are more than happy to help.

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