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How Starbucks Coffee Is Leading The Way On Mobile Apps In Milton Keynes

What has mobile apps, loyalty points and the sweat smell of coffee in Milton Keynes have in common? The answer is of course dead simple for those coffee aficionados with their smartphones and mobile apps in Milton Keynes and elsewhere. It’s Starbucks of course.

When it comes to mobile technology adoption Starbucks is very much ahead of the pack in many respects.

Starbucks accept mobile payments through its mobile apps in Milton Keynes franchisees

Starbucks' Mobile App Incorporates Loyalty Card

Of course it is not just Starbucks in Milton Keynes that has gone super tech. Starbucks has gone the full hog on mobile around the world with a mobile app that incorporate a customer loyalty scheme, a mobile payment system that lets you load up credit on your mobile phone through its loyalty card system, which you can then use instore, and last but not least it also has a great mobile website to boot.

For Starbucks there are other very tangible benefits of using mobile apps as reported in MSN Money and that is significant cost savings.

Starbucks’ Mobile Apps Experiment Shows It’s Not Just Great At Making Coffee

Starbucks (SBUX 0.00%) makes it easy for customers to buy coffee. So easy, in fact, that they don’t even need cash or a credit card. A smartphone will work just fine. To capitalize on the growing popularity of these devices, Starbucks introduced mobile payment technology in January 2011 that enables purchases with the wave of an iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

“A lot of our customers have their phone in their hand when they come into our store,” says Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks. “We knew that customers were increasingly more mobile — were increasingly using their phone as a primary computing device.”

Recognized by U.S. News as one of America’s Most Connected Companies for implementing the largest mobile-payment program in North America, Starbucks says the technology is boosting sales. Since the launch, customers have made 45 million mobile payments in the United States and are now averaging a million transactions a week, says Linda Mills, a company spokeswoman. She adds that Starbucks has experienced a ten-fold increase in mobile-payment use from March 2011 to March 2012. “If you compare year over year, or month over month, it’s growing very rapidly,” Brotman says.

People move through lines more quickly when they pay with smartphones. And since phone purchases are made with money preloaded onto Starbucks loyalty cards, the chain incurs fewer credit card fees, resulting in cost savings.

“They’ve really enhanced the customer experience at point of sales,” says Denée Carrington, senior analyst with Forrester Research. “There’s an element of fun” that happens when people pay with mobile phones, explains Carrington, who expects other companies to follow Starbucks’ lead with similar initiatives.

What Milton Keynes Businesses Can Learn From Starbucks’ Use of Mobile App Technology

It’s a smart move by Starbucks. Not only are they capitalising on the growing trend for consumers to use their mobile phones and other mobile devices to make local purchases of goods and services, but the integration of an easy mobile payment system and loyalty points system that incentivizes customers to come back is just one of the very simple and highly effective strategies used in mobile marketing for retaining and attracting more customers.

There are many businesses in Milton Keynes that would do well from looking at Starbucks’ approach to the use of mobile and incorporate something similar to improve customer engagement, loyalty and create some viral buzz around their business.

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