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Staples Milton Keynes Offers Mobile Friendly M-Commerce Experience

If you visit Staples Milton Keynes on your mobile phone you will immediately notice a difference. Staples has joined the growing number of e-commerce sites that understand the importance of providing a mobile-friendly m-commerce experience for its mobile customers.

Visitors to Staples Milton Keynes website from a mobile device will experience a more mobile friendly experience as Staples Looks to the Future of mobile commerceWhile the Staples Milton Keynes m-commerce experience – m-commerce simply means mobile-commerce – isn’t necessarily the best looking mobile site, it does nevertheless perform a very important task and that is to give a seamless and easy to navigate mobile site for shoppers that browse the Staples website from a mobile device.

Why is this important? Well, despite the general misconception among businesses that mobile shoppers will simply switch to using a desktop computer or call a store if they can’t get to the information they need from their mobile device, a Google study revealed showed that mobile users not only bounce off mobile unfriendly websites and shop elsewhere, but up to 61% surveyed said that they were unlikely to return to the mobile unfriendly website in the future.

Here’s what Brian Tilzer, Vice President of Global e-Commerce and business development at Staples, had to say about mobile commerce.

Staples Says Shoppers Are Turning To Mobile Devices And Need A Mobile-Friendly M-Commerce Experience

“Mobile is a constantly evolving space and you have to be continually thinking about your next move.”

“More and more shoppers are turning to their mobile devices as a way to research and shop whenever and wherever they want.  Staples is thinking ahead and anticipating customers’ needs, providing an offering that not only serves as an m-commerce tool but listens to, and solves, customers’ pain points.”

To these ends Staples focuses on saving time for small business owners, so they have more of it to dedicate to their businesses.  Time savers incorporated into the latest mobile app include an optimized ink & toner finder, access to Staples Rewards, list building functionality and batch scanning.

Moving forward Brian Tilzer says that, “Staples Velocity Lab in Cambridge, Mass will become home to some of the world’s best e-commerce talent with the goal of rapidly bringing breakthrough new ideas to market in emerging online technologies like mobile commerce and social media”.  Staples expects to the triple the size of its e-commerce team over the next three years. Read the full article here.

In providing a mobile friendly m-commerce experience to its regular customers, Staples Milton Keynes and other branches will achieve 2 important things. Firstly, it keeps existing customers happy by giving them the versatility to shop on their mobile phones when they are perhaps out and about; and secondly, Staples also benefits from getting business from shoppers generally who are browsing the web for office supplies from a mobile phones and who are therefore looking for a simple mobile experience.

If you are a local business supplying goods or services and haven’t yet put together a mobile friendly strategy for your existing customers and potential future customers, give us a call today to speak with on of our mobile marketing specialist who will be more than happy to discuss your options and identify the best solution for your business.

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