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Specially Designed Mobile Phone Websites Are Boosting Growth For Small Businesses

As the number of mobile phone users accessing the internet explodes across the globe, the case for local businesses to get purpose built mobile phone websites is overwhelming, especially for certain business sectors.

The fast growth in the number of consumers that visit websites on mobile devices is making it increasingly difficult for local businesses to ignore mobile as part of their marketing strategy.

“We’re reached a phase in mobile usage that it’s now become essential for businesses to device some form of mobile marketing strategy with mobile-friendly websites being the backbone of a business’s mobile marketing strategy”.

In the US, it is projected that over half of the population will have a smartphone by the end of 2011. This phenomenal growth in mobile usage is having a dramatic impact on consumer behaviour, as consumers gain in confidence in using their smartphones to buy goods and services.

In the UK, an Ofcom Communications Market Report undertaken in the mid 2011, revealed that over a quarter of UK adults own a smartphone and it’s projected that smartphones will account for over 50% of all mobile phones by the second quarter of 2012.

The main driving force in the US for businesses to invest in mobile websites, is compelling evidence that mobile phone users are engaging and spending more with those businesses that have mobile phone websites.

Recent search undertaken by Local Viral Buzz of businesses in Milton Keynes and the London area also revealed a similar pattern in UK mobile user behaviour with many businesses showing anywhere between 8% to as much as 40% of consumers trying to access traditional websites on mobile devices.

With such high mobile penetration in the UK, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for UK local businesses to ignore mobile search traffic. The upside for businesses to develop a mobile-friendly web presence is greater customer engagement and sales as conversions statistics consistently show an increase when mobile users interact with mobile phone websites compared to traditional websites.


What Is A Mobile Phone Website?

Mobile websites or mobile phone websites, are purpose built websites for the mobile experience. It’s a simplified version of a regular website, designed more for on-the-go web users that surfs the net on a smartphone.

Mobile websites take advantage of unique features that make it easier for web visitors to engage with businesses, for example, large thumb-friendly touch-to-call and touch-to-map buttons. In fact a study by Omniture in April 2010 found that mobile-friendly web experiences produced an average of 75% higher rates of engagement per visit.

However, just because websites can be viewed on a mobile device should not be construed as mobile phone websites or mobile friendly. In fact there are now well established best practices in mobile website design to maximize good user experience and to get the added benefit of receiving search engine credit (i.e. improved Page Ranking) for accommodating mobile search traffic.

Some Common Features of A Well Designed Mobile Website

Non-Mobile friendly Website Design

  • Text is too small to read
  • Side to side scrolling to view entire page
  • Buttons and site navigation too small and close together making it difficult to navigate the site.

Comparing Mobile Phone Websites To Non-Mobile Friendly Websites


Mobile-friendly Website Design:

  • Text is large and easy to read on a mobile
  • Formatted specifically for mobile browsing so the site fits neatly on a phone screen without the need to scroll side to side.
  • Large thumb-friendly buttons that make navigating the site and taking desired action very easy for mobile users.


For professional mobile phone websites highly optimized to get customers calling you or taking your desired action when they land on your mobile website, call us or go to our professional mobile phone websites design service page.