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Solicitors Reviews is a Highly Searched Term for Clients Needing a Solicitor


Why Many of Your Prospective Clients That Need a Solicitor Are Searching Google for the Term “Solicitors Reviews”

They are hot, pre-qualified, high converting prospective clients searching for the services of a trusted firm of solicitors

The search term solicitors reviews is a highly searched term in Google for prospective clients that need a solicitor today.

The stark reality is that consumers don’t search for a term like solicitors reviews because they have some intrinsic need to read about solicitors reviews. They Google solicitors reviews because they want to know which firm of solicitors is the most trusted that they can do business with.

In November 2012, during some keyword research I noted that there were 2900 searches for solicitors reviews every month. In a blog post that I wrote at the time, I said that this was just the beginning and to expect the search volume to increase over time.

What I wasn’t expecting however, is a 24 percent increase in search volume for this keyword phrase in just 6 short months.

It’s also pertinent to note that there are some 1600 searches every month for the website Solicitors From Hell.

Again, consumers don’t go out of their way to search such information out of some twisted sense of delight in reading highly negative and occasionally highly derogatory commentary of people’s experience with certain law firms.

The reason that consumers seek out this type of information is because they are researching law firm to find out which firm of solicitors is the most trusted and which are the firms to avoid.

Do you know what your prospective clients are finding about your law firm when they Google you online? And do you have a strategy in place for monitoring your reputation or marketing your firm with only your best client testimonials so you can attract more new business?

If not, you are leaving your most valuable online asset, your online reputation,  to chance.

And the odds are firmly stacked against you because case study after case study reveals that the most motivated people to leave reviews online are those that have an axe to grind.

You can be sure of one thing. Your prospective clients are searching Google for solicitors reviews on your firm.

The question is what are your plans for managing and monitoring this latest online development that could negatively impact your bottom line if your reputation were to go south, and that’s if it hasn’t already done so?

You are just one review away from a bad reputation online.

Contact us today, for some ideas and strategies that can turn this potential negative into a positive for your practice, so  instead of online solicitors reviews being a constant threat, utilize the untapped potential to leverage your 5 star reputation online to attract more new clients and revenue.