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Sephora’s Mobile Website Optimisation And Pinterest Makeover Drives 300 Percent Increase In Mobile Traffic

mobile website optimisation & social media site Pinterest, is helping Sephora to attract 20% of mobile trafficCosmetics chain store, Sephora, reported a 300% increase in mobile shopping on its website over the last 12 months, following extensive makeover work in improving its online mobile website optimisation and testing out new social media optimisation on Pinterest, which is receiving a lot of interest of late.

According to online sources has seen a 400% increase in iPad traffic in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year and is now getting as much as 20% of its online traffic coming from mobile devices.

Explosive Growth As Sephora Focuses On Mobile Website Optimisation & Pinterest

While you’re at a Sephora store you can use your iPhone to scan products off the shelves and read reviews. The company has also added iPads to the Beauty Center in 20 of its stores that can be used to navigate the website, as well as view the menu of services available at the center. Store associates are now equip with iPod touch point-of-sale devices –something that has been in testing for the past 6 months— that can be used to make purchases or reference the store’s website while on the move.

Digital is a huge part of Sephora’s business. The company has seen a 300% increase over the past year in mobile shopping on its website, with 70% of its mobile traffic coming from iOS devices. iPad traffic to is up 400% in Q1 of 2012 over the same period last year, and 20% of all of the traffic to the site comes from mobile devices.

“Digital is a must for the future of retailing,” says Bornstein. “With social, digital, mobile and website updates, we’re giving our clients the most personalized experience ever seen in the beauty industry, and connecting clients with our experts in ways that are most relevant to them. We’re excited to makeover the future of shopping.” Read the full Mashable article here.

It makes a lot of sense for businesses like Sephoria to concentrate it’s efforts on mobile website optimisation and the likes of social media site Pinterest because beauty and fashion are very visual niches. These niches in particular are well renowned for using strong imagery in their marketing to wow their customers into buying products. Mobile website optimisation and mobile marketing fits well into this type of market because we know that mobile consumers are primarily buyers of local products or services.

Pinterest hasn’t been around very long and yet within as little as 2 years it’s already getting 260 million unique visitors a month. It’s a simple concept that just uses images and boards. Members can comment on other members images and boards, share (called “repin”) and Like images. Pinterest is a little like a scrap book or collage of mainly images and some videos the only difference is that it’s gone virtual and you have the opportunity to link back to your site for additional links and web traffic.

If you are interested in marketing on Pinterest to attract traffic to your site, don’t forget mobile website optimisation. This is important given that currently 20% of Pinterest traffic is coming from mobile devices. What this means for your business is that if  you currently marketing on Pinterest or thinking of doing so, to get the most from Pinterest traffic it’s strongly suggested that you get your own website mobile optimised using a redirect to your own mobile specific website.

Pinterest is still a very young site and in time I think we can expect to see some fun features that will enhance the user experience and ease of use, to make it a richer, more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for mobile users, not that it doesn’t do that already.

With our mobile website design services we’ve incorporated share features on our clients’ mobile sites so mobile visitors can share mobile site images on Pinterest. We’ve also incorporated a nifty image slider feature making it easier to display images on a small mobile screen. To view the images, a mobile visitor simply slides the images with one’s thumb, left or right or vice versa – a really nice but simple feature that works really well with Pinterest.

We work with local businesses to improve their visibility online to boost traffic and customer inflow and retention, utilizing “big brand” strategies that incorporates a blend of mobile website optimisation, social media and local SEO. If you have any questions on mobile marketing or how to drive more targeted traffic to  your business, give us a call today to speak with one of our mobile marketing and local marketing strategists.

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