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Restaurant Owner Breaks Down In Tears When He Discovered What Was Happening

Crying Girl in RestaurantIt never ceases to amaze me how few businesses actually know what’s happening on online with their business. And when presented with the stark truth, many business owners struggle to hold back the tears.

We’ve had countless experiences of restaurant owners shaking in disbelieve,  others reacting with anger and despair, while others shed a tear as they struggle to understand, having dedicated much of their working life to building a great business, why it is that customers are leaving such sole destroying comments and reviews.

And the upsetting thing about it all is that in many cases bad reviews are the result of the actions and behaviour of others, unbeknown to the owner.

Disgruntled and poorly trained staff that are the first and perhaps only point of contact with the business, can have a devastating impact on a business’s bottom line profitability, if they have a bad attitude to their work for example. Business owners may not necessarily be aware of the problem or the extent of the problem until the owner starts wondering why business is down.

Naturally, there may be many reasons for a slow down in business but as a potential customer looking for a nice local restaurant to eat at, the first point of reference for making a decision on where to eat is to do a search online. And here’s where the problem begins for many restaurants owners who are not keeping a tab on what their customers are saying online.

Many Restaurant Owners Are Simply Unaware of What’s Being Said Online

It’s extraordinary how business owners react when I present them with a reputation report on their restaurant. Disbelief when they see a “poor” reputation score and details of bad comments and reviews left by customers.  When asked if they were aware of these bad comments, invariably the answer is no.

Here’s the crux of the problem for all restaurant businesses. Consumers are generally more motivated to leave a bad review than to leave a good review.

It’s quite simple psychology. A person that eats at a restaurant expects to receive a great service and good food, they do not expect a bad service or poor quality food having spent good money with you. As a result, if the service or food was bad, you can bet they will leave a comment and review of your business.

The Unfairness of the Online Review System

So the net effect is that while 97 percent of your customers have a great experience, most of the reviews of your business online are written by the unhappy 3 percent. Unjustified and unfair, perhaps so, but that is where we are, and the question is what can you do about it?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to start taking notice of what is being written about your restaurant. Its important because as a customer looking for a place to eat, many will avoid restaurants that are getting a lot of bad reviews. So if you notice that business seems to be going down, there’s a very good chance that your reputation is being damaged online.

To find out your restaurant’s reputation score and what customers are saying, visit our reputation report page and simply use your restaurant’s business telephone number to get instant access to your report, as our system automatically pulls in data from multiple data sources online. You’ll then be given immediate access to how you can eradicate bad reviews and how to create a 5-Star reputation online to get you more customers wanting to eat at your restaurant.

If you need more specific help, then please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.


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