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Restaurant Mobile Website Designs Milton Keynes

Why Restaurant Mobile Website Designs Are So Important

As a specialist mobile marketing consultancy based in Milton Keynes, we pay special attention to restaurant mobile website designs, following the best mobile marketing practices for the reasons that are explained below.

Mobile websites are critically important for any restaurant business in Milton Keynes, or wherever you are based, if you’re considering or currently engaged in any form of mobile marketing. It is the backbone and core foundation to mobile marketing that predetermines whether your mobile marketing and advertising campaign is a success or a failure.

Classic Website As Seen On A Mobile Screen

Traditional Website On A Mobile

One of the most common mistakes webmasters and website owners make is to not differentiate normal web visitors from mobile visitors. Consequently, mobile visitors are frequently served with the traditional version of a restaurant’s website that’s unsuitable for viewing on a small mobile screen. It’s unsuitable because traditional websites don’t render correctly on a small mobile screen and in the worst case situation, it may not work at all particularly if it contains a lot of flash content.

A poor user experience for mobile visitors will cause traffic to “bounce” off the site in search of a more mobile-friendly experience. In other words, a lot of lost business and potential damage to a business’s SEO ranking.

Let’s take the example of a Milton Keynes mobile user looking to order some take-out food. He searches his mobile phone on the way home and is served with the menu page from the main website – which incidentally is the most searched for restaurant web page on a mobile phone.

The problem this mobile user will encounter is that website pages from standard websites are difficult to read on a mobile phone – the font size is too small to read and navigation buttons are too small to click accurately or may not work.

How long do you think it will take before the mobile user gets frustrated and clicks away in search of a more mobile friendly site? It’s less time than you will have to explain who you are and why they should do business with you.

No business likes to lose potential customers if at all possible.

The mobile website designs for restaurants displayed below are tailored specifically to increase customer engagement through the use of strong calls to action and simple designs & images that encourage customers to engage with your business. They are professionally designed to immediately capture your visitors attention and present your business in the best possible light. This has been shown to increase conversions of visitors into paying customers.

Example Malaysian Restaurant Mobile Website Designs

Malaysian Restaurant Mobile Website design

Malaysian restaurant mobile website design with green background

Malaysian restaurant Design 2

If you think a mobile website is just another website, you need to think again and check out “mobile website marketing” for important mobile website facts and study findings. Think of it this way. Your main site, like most websites on the internet today is so crowded with information that it’s just too distracting for visitors to focus on anything in particular and most will leave the site without taking any action because they feel lost, confused and don’t know what to do without proper guidance.

But if you removed all the clutter and gave your visitor just a few options and little else, and those options that you did give are focused on encouraging your visitor to contact you in some way, the results are quite impressive in comparison. In other words, a classic desktop website bears no resemblance to a mobile website in terms of what it can do for your business, especially when you then marry it up with some of the most effective marketing strategies today i.e. mobile marketing designed to engage your mobile customers.

Some Mobile Website Designs For Milton Keynes Restaurants & The Catering Niche

Spanish Tapa Bar Mobile Website Design

Spanish Tapa Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant Mobile Website Design

Chinese Restaurant

In both the above two mobile website designs, the first for a Spanish Tapa bar and the second for a Chinese restaurant, the most important calls to action i.e. the phone number and GPS mapping buttons are located “above the fold” i.e. they are the first things that a mobile web visitor see when they land on this mobile site. You want to make it as easy as possible for your mobile visitors to contact you so that you can engage with them and win over their business. So it stands to reason that these calls to action are always positioned for convenience.

Fine Dinning Restaurant Mobile Website

Fine Dinning Restaurant Design

Gourmet Cruisine Restaurant Mobile Website Design

Gourmet Restaurant Mobile Website

With any mobile website designs for restaurants, the key things that you should think about including in your mobile site design are the sorts of things that a person who is mobile and on the move is likely to want and need.

These includes such things as an easy touch to call, location information to find you, menu details, which as mentioned above is the first most searched for mobile term on a mobile phone when looking up restaurants, opening hours, nutritional information, special offers, booking or reservation and a share button so that your visitors can easily recommend and share your restaurant information with others conveniently and quickly e.g posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and perhaps also include an About Us page. There’s is very little else you really need. The only other thing I would add is some form of opt-in system whether that’s email or sms so that you can build a customer database for ongoing marketing and business.

Italian Pizzaria Restaurant Mobile Website Design

Italian Pizzeria Mobile Website Design

Mobile website for a Fish Restaurant

Fish Restaurant mobile site

Another good practice is the use of images in your home page. Images are extremely powerful when utilised to get your visitors attention and interest in what your business is about. If you have a very compelling image that captures the essence of your business, then you ought to you is.

For example, in the above mobile website designs for an Italian pizzeria and fish restaurant, both have compelling images of delicious foods that’s available at these restaurants. At a subconscious level strong images have a powerful influence on a person’s decision making process. So with a good image of food for instance you can get more mobile visitors click that “call us now” button to arrange a reservation, or “How to find Us” button to dine at your restaurant.

If you have specific mobile website design requirements that you would like to use in your restaurant business but would like to discuss these first, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free no obligation consultation.

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