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A Reputation Marketing Service That’s Like Having Your Own Dedicated & Highly Trained Virtual Sales Force 24/7

You need a 5-star reputation to get your customers' trust

We developed a specialised reputation marketing service because we believe that your reputation is the most important component of your online presence above all else.

That’s because we believe that a company’s reputation is everything and is the only thing that will ensure that your phone rings and not your competitors’.

Every day your potential customers go online to search for your goods or services. We also know that that when they find you they do a search against your company name and location to find out more about you.

The reason for this is that your potential customers are looking for one thing; to do business with the company with the best reputation i.e. to do business with the best company.

When searching your company, they are looking for reassurance that tells them you can deliver a great product or service and with the best customer service experience. And if problems should arise, that it can be handled with the understanding, sensitivity and respect that your customers expect from any good company.

Everyday we see consumers searching for this reassurance by the very fact that they go online to search for customer reviews + the name of the company concerned. conducted a survey of 600 users in December 2008 and found that 86 percent of consumers read online customer reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Most people have one time or other purchased from Amazon. Think about that purchasing experience for a moment.

If you were looking to buy a product on Amazon would you buy something that was getting bad ratings and reviews?

It only takes one bad review to stop the next potential purchaser from buying because it introduces some doubt in the mind of the purchaser that you can deliver a great product or service. The question that crosses a purchaser’s mind is, will they have a similar bad experience? It’s enough to put some customers off, which means you lose business and your phone doesn’t ring off the hook.

A major search term that people use when looking to do business locally is to search  “the business name + reviews“. The reason being is that consumers want to be sure before engaging a local company that that company can deliver a good service. If a company is getting bad reviews and ratings online, a prospective customer will perceive these bad reviews as an indication of how they might experience that product or service if they were to use that company.

Your prospective customers are searching your company name and reviews about your business before they engaging your services. Have you checked what they find?

So we believe that before you do anything else you need to make sure that your company has a 5-Star reputation online because what is the point of paying marketing agencies to get first page rankings, or to do PPC, social media, YouTube marketing, etc, if after all the time and money you invest, your prospective customers see a bad reputation of your company and call your competitors instead.

Having a 5-Star Reputation means that you get dozens of 5-Star reviews and ratings online where your prospective customers can find them, and that’s like having the most highly trained and dedicated sales force online working for your business 24 hours, 7 days a week, that you DON’T have to pay!

Getting current happy customers to leave 5-Star reviews and ratings online that rave about your business is one of the most effective and cost effective ways to get new business tomorrow because 72 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation according to a study by BrightLocal. Which is like having someone’s mother, someone’s best friend, or colleague at work saying to you “you know what, you should try using this company, they were terrific”. In other words is just like getting personal recommendations from someone you know, which means that customer reviews can send your business dozens or even hundreds of PRE-QUALIFIED and PRE-SOLD new customers on autopilot?

There are thousands of prospective customers searching the web every day for the most reputable company to do business with. The question is does your reputation clearly stand out as the most reputable? And are you the obvious choice for your prospective customers who are looking to do business with the most reputable company?.

If you have a 5-Star reputation and your potential customers can find you, then it’s your phone that will ring and not your competitors’.

The secret therefore is to be found when your customers are looking for your product or service and to have a 5-Star Reputation. We give you the STRATEGY and the SYSTEM to do exactly this and to dominate your local market!

Here’s What Our Reputation Marketing Service Can Do For Your Business

We BUILD you a unique customer review portal and online reviews system that allows you to instantly engage your customers, thereby putting you in better control of your company’s online reputation.

Why manage reputation when you can be more pro-active and positively influence it? That’s a far more attractive strategy than having a reactive strategy like social media, wouldn’t you agree?

Custom Online Review Portal is a key feature of our reputation marketing service

Custom Online Review Portal

We claim and properly set up the most important and relevant third party directories for your industry (e.g. Yelp, Google Plus, City Search, Yahoo Local etc) on which we market your 5-star reputation for branding and exposure to your target audience.

We Build a CUSTOM branded review page For Feedback and to develop and grow your 5 star reputation online.

We collect & strategically syndicate and broadcast only the BEST reviews on claimed third party directory and review sites, social networks and your own website on which we display the best reviews as appearing – and which can therefore be independently verified by your customers – on third party review sites. We also make sure that we are using the most highly optimised reviews to market your business online for added SEO benefits.

We teach you and your staff how to build a feedback culture to engage your customers so you can create a 5-Star reputation culture throughout your company. To achieve this we build you your very own custom “Reputation Training Center” to help you to develop and nurture a 5 star reputation culture throughout your company, so that all your staff are motivated to do one thing -­ to do a great job for your customers and give them a first-­class experience, so you get a five-­star review to keep that five-­star reputation going.

custom design business cards & review postcards are part of our reputation marketing serviceWe can design and print all the support material you need to engage your customers and to make it easy for them to submit reviews.

We set up daily and weekly alerts and reports so that you are immediately alerted to positive and/or negative reviews in real time and you can respond appropriately to protect your reputation before it gets out of hand.

We can even help you to set up an automated email or video recording that thanks customers for leaving a review. And if it’s a negative review, we can have an automatic personal video message video from the owner or the person that deals with complaints, apologizing and asking that unhappy customer to contact him or her so that he or she can personally fix the problem. In other words, create an opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer. This alone is a very powerful strategy.

We send you weekly and bi-weekly updates and have them sent directly to any member of staff that you choose.

We market your 5-Star reputation to prospective customers to consistently develop and grow your reputation online and grow your customer base.

Our Reputation Marketing Service is specifically designed to BUILD and MANAGE for you an entire and comprehensive review system whether it’s for a one location company or a company with a 100 different locations!

This service is designed to specifically address the single biggest shift towards a new reputation economy online.

tick image(New feature). We have listened to clients and we are now very pleased to announce that we’ve incorporated a viral social media component to our reputation marketing service. So now we leverage the viral nature of social medial sites to syndicate your 5 star customer reviews all over the net, which draws more customers to your business like bees to honey.

We are confident that our comprehensive and world class reputation marketing service can help your business with your online reputation so your company stands out as the clear choice and market leader for the products and services that you provide, which will increase your customer engagement, your web visitor conversions, and your profits.

If you would like more information on our reputation marketing service and how it can help your business, call us today on (+44)01908 225672.