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Reputation Marketing….?


What Is Reputation Marketing?

Social networking sites have becoming so influential in the online space that even Google, the eight hundred pound gorilla online, has started to implement social interaction as an important criteria in the mix of factors that it considers when ranking sites online.

If you think about it, social media, in the business context, is nothing more than what customers are saying about your business; it is about your reputation. And managing that reputation is what I term reputation marketing.

With that in mind and with the power of what your customers are saying about your product or service in influencing how much business you ultimately get online, reputation marketing has become critically important for your business success.

The viral nature of the internet means that your business has to be more sensitive and proactive in protecting its good name and encourage only goods things being said about your business. Because the fact is that when you are getting good reviews and recommendations from existing customers, this translates into more sales for your business – it is self perpetuating.

Watch the video below and prepare to be shocked at how important customer reviews are to  your business and how powerful utilizing customer reviews is for generating more business. You will also discover 2 potentially fatal  things that many businesses are doing that could cause serious harm if your business is engaged in these activities.


Reputation Marketing Video


Good Customer Reviews Do The Selling For Your Business & Drive Pre-Qualified Customers To Your Restaurant


Good Online Reviews Is Critical For Successful Reputation Marketing

Your online reputation is everything

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