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Marketing Tips: Real Estate Leads Generation for Realtors


How to Get Hot, Pre-Qualified, High Converting Buyer Leads in the Real Estate Market

A Lead Conversion Strategy & System that Puts Your Lead Generation
& Marketing Virtually on Autopilot

The key to having a successful real estate leads generation strategy and system is to ensure that all your lead gen landing pages do one thing well and that is to get your potential leads to give up their name and email address – and if possible, a mobile number, although this can be left as an optional field.

This means that your landing pages should have only one guiding purpose, and all other distractions that may get your lead to click away from you web page, should be absent. Any and all content on the page should be limited to only such messages as to create a visual benefit in the mind of your lead that moves them towards the ultimate goal of getting them to give up their contact information by opting in their contact information on your landing page.

A successful real estate lead generation system and strategy that is built on this firm foundation that begins with a high converting page, makes all other marketing efforts that you do to pull in hot, pre-qualified realtor leads that contact you, all the more easy.

Watch the video above for a full work through on one very successful high converting real estate leads generation system.