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Get Optimized For Mobile Search Traffic!

We’ve detected that you are browsing the internet with a mobile device.

Normally, if a website is optimized for a mobile search traffic it gets redirect to a mobile specific version of the website – it is very different in look and in the content provided.

Because most traditional websites are not mobile optimized i.e. they are not mobile friendly in that it is difficult to navigate the website on a mobile device for various reasons, such as text is too small and functionality is lost, etc, I want to forewarn you that we have not set up a mobile website for this website but that is for a very good reason.

However, that said you can still navigate our website and you should not have any trouble browsing and reading the contents of our site depending on the type of mobile device you’re using.

If you are interested in getting a mobile optimized website designed and done for you, then we can help. Also, if you would like more information about mobile optimization, local viral marketing or marketing with social media and Facebook in particular then simply complete the details below and we can add you to our subscriber list.