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Mobile Websites And Landing Pages Are the Achilles Heel Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The idea of marketing to mobile customers to bring in new business is still a new concept and somewhat confusing for many local businesses, but irrespective of the particular mobile marketing campaigns you decide to run, it’s critically important for the success of that campaign to have the correct foundations in place i.e. a mobile website or mobile landing page that focuses on the mobile specific experience.

What do I actually mean by a mobile specific experience?

Well, mobile users engage with brands, services and products within a completely different context and in very different ways to how we previously engaged with and bought goods and services. This is due to the portability and connectivity of mobile devices, which means that as consumers  we are always just one click away from engaging with businesses and services. However, to engage with mobile consumers, i.e. your customers, you must first be there when someone is looking on there mobile device.

This is exactly what Jason Spero, Head of Mobile Advertising at Google, spoke about in an interview in November 2011. He explains the importance of mobile and how to use mobile to connect with your already engaged consumers.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Properly Engage With Your Customer

So by having a more mobile friendly face to your business so mobile consumers can easily find you and engage with your business, immediately opens your business to consumers with whom you would not ordinarily engage. For example, a person on their browsing the web on their phone while they’re on public transport, out and about in town, or while sitting on the sofa.

Take the following situations by way of example and ask yourself how does your business currently engage with these types of potential customers?

i. A person traveling away on business. He’s unavoidably delayed and as a result finds himself having to stay overnight because it’s too late to travel. He’s in need of a local hotel for the night.

ii. Or the person who finished work late one evening. It’s too late to go home and cook, so he decides on the way home to order and perhaps collect a take-out from his favourite local restaurant.

iii. A restaurant is having a slow afternoon and wants to send out a message to all its regular customers that its doing a special lunch time offer between 2-4pm. This is what’s called real time marketing. It’s only possible with mobile devices, since it’s the only device on which  marketing message can be received immediately and in a timely fashion when consumers are most likely to be interested in what a business has to offer.

These are just some of many different situations that consumers are finding themselves wanting toengage with local businesses, brands and services whether online or offline.

To position your business to attract mobile customers, you will need to think about your basic mobile asset i.e. a properly optimised mobile website so that your business to properly engage with these consumers. Thereafter, you can then built out specific mobile strategies that drive consumers to your mobile site.

Click on this link for ideas on mobile website designs and optimisation for the best consumer engagement and to ensure success in your mobile marketing campaigns.