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Shoppers Speak Out On Travers’ Launch of Mobile Website Voice Search Functionality

Metalworking tools and industrial suppliers, Travers Tools Company Inc, recently introduced to its mobile website voice search functionality, which makes searching for products on its mobile site much easier to perform on a mobile device.

Travers Tools launches mobile website voice search functionality

Mobile website voice search functionality

The feature is currently only available to mobile users that browse Travers’ mobile website on an Apple iphone 4S or a smartphone that uses Google’s Android system since it requires a mobile to have suitable voice recognition capability.

Eventually, however, given the limited screen size of mobile phones and the difficulty of typing on a mobile phone, expect voice recognition to be the next big evolution in mobile website development and certainly Travers leads the pack in the industrial supplies market.

Travers’ Mobile Website Uses Voice Search

Consumers visiting the mobile site for Travers Tools Company Inc. searching for a specific drill bit now need only ask for it.

The service, from site search provider EasyAsk, lets shoppers touch a microphone icon then say what they want into their smartphone to see a list of results.

Consumers see a microphone icon next to the search box that prompts them to speak into their device.

“A consumer might be in a hardware store and see a tool they want,” an EasyAsk spokesman says.  “Maybe they think it costs too much, or they want to see if they can get a better deal online. They pull out their Android or iPhone and go to Travers Tools and touch the search box microphone icon. They say ’Jet bandsaw‘ or ’Jet bandsaw over $1500.’  They can speak their search as they would describe it to a salesperson– the more info, the tighter the search results. The list is short and accurate, which is critical on smartphones with little screen space.”

Mobile users can’t navigate as easily and will quickly abandon the site if it requires multiple searches. They either see it and get it, or move on.” (Extracts from “Internet Retailer”).

The best performing mobile websites give visitors a mobile friendly platform on which to perform search queries and be able to access information quickly and with the least amount of fuss.

The use of voice search technology on a mobile website is a smart move by Travers Tools and a natural progression in the development of mobile websites since it has in mind the behavioral characteristics of a mobile user i.e. a person who is often on the go and needs information quickly and easily. As Craig Bassin of EasyAsk stated in the above article,  if a mobile user can’t navigate quickly to the information they are searching for they will quickly abandon the site.

How user friendly is your mobile website for your mobile customers? If you have yet to develop a mobile website or require help, advise and expertise on development a mobile marketing strategy for your business, give us a call today and we will be happy to get you on the right path.

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