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Mobile Website Optimisation To Reduce Network Signal Loads

In an attempt to address the proliferation of network-unfriendly applications that aren’t optimised for mobile networks and no doubt to promote better mobile website optimisation generally to reduce signal loads at a network level compared to the low levels of data traffic on its networks, the GSMA which representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide, announced new initiatives for greater efficiency.

For any kind of online advertising, mobile website optimisation is critical


Global Mobile Networks Call For Improved Mobile-Friendly Applications & Mobile Website Optimisation To Reduce Network Signalling Loads

In a press release today, the GSMA outlined its principal objectives, which were announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In announcing its new initiates, Anne Bouverot, Director General at GSMA, had this to say:-

“The widespread adoption of smartphones and the explosion in mobile applications has forever changed the way that users communicate, access and share information,” said Anne Bouverot, Director General, GSMA. “At the same time, this dynamic presents new challenges for mobile operators as they manage increasing traffic volumes on their networks, and more importantly, dramatically increased signalling loads. The new programmes announced today will help boost the efficiency of applications and networks and offer a better experience for users.”

This high demand for and heavy use of mobile applications has resulted in a greatly increased signalling load at the network level, compared with a relatively low amount of data traffic. A driver behind this increased signalling load is the proliferation of “network-unfriendly” applications that are not optimised for mobile networks; mobile networks have their own specific requirements and constraints, and applications written for fixed networks may not necessarily perform well in the mobile world. Read the full Press Release here.

The challenge for mobile networks in keeping up with the rapidly rising tide of mobile traffic is in accommodating the highly demanding data loads on its networks from such sites as social media platforms and the use of applications that are not mobile-friendly and which are data heavy. As a result mobile networks struggle to cope with the highly demanding signalling loads placed on its networks.

A similar challenge exists for mobile search traffic generally in the search engines as most of the content and websites are not mobile website optimised, causing undue demand on network signalling loads as traditional websites tend to be data heavy, containing much more multi-media content than mobile devices are designed for which naturally places high demand on the mobile networks.

This is not just a problem for mobile networks. Businesses that have a presence online or do any kind of marketing online need to think more carefully about mobile website optimisation when launching marketing and advertising campaigns, as studies clearly reveal that serving data heavy content to mobile users, even inadvertently, is damaging to a business’s brand due to poor user experience.

If you have any kind of web presence, or if you are actively advertising and marketing online or sending traffic from any offline media, such as the use of a company website address in advertisements, mobile website optimisation is critical for ensure a good return on investment.

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