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Skyrocket Your Membership Subscription With Clever Mobile Website Marketing & Sweepstake Contests

ocean mist's mobile website marketing and sweepstake campaign to attract new subscribersOcean Mist Farms are currently running a clever and highly effective mobile website marketing and Sweepstake Contest campaign to boost its membership subscription to its Artichokes Aficionados Club.

Ocean Mist Farms is also supporting peak season sales with instore demos at a select number of retail partners’ locations, and added a new feature to its mobile site that informs shoppers where to find artichokes on sale in their location.

Ocean Mist’s Mobile Website Marketing Strategy For Attracting New Subscribers and Customers

As artichoke production gears up for its spring peak, Ocean Mist Farms has begun its second sweepstakes for consumers.

The promotion, dubbed Take Your Pic, runs through the end of April.

Castroville, California based Ocean Mist is inviting shoppers to photograph fresh artichokes on promotion in retail displays and in print or online ads, according to a news release.

Each week in April, one winner receives $2,000. Entrants submit the photos to Ocean Mist’s mobile site, To qualify, participants must be members of the company’s Artichoke Aficionados club.

“Take Your Pic rewards artichoke shoppers for being our eyes and ears in their market and helping other shoppers find artichokes in their region,” said Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development. To read the original article click here.


The marketing punch and value of these types of campaigns is clearly demonstrated by Ocean Mist themselves who only last year used a similar mobile website marketing and sweepstake campaigns  grow its membership of Artichoke Aficionados Club to over 33,000 members.

ocean mist's mobile website designed to attract more subscribersIt’s the combination of sweepstakes and highly targeted mobile website marketing that make these campaigns highly viral and extremely effective at motivating and engaging shoppers to participate. The end result is often businesses ending up with very large customer lists over a relatively short period of time, and more importantly they know that their subscribers are interested in a particular product or service.

With that list companies like Ocean Mist can then market to their subscriber list products and other service offerings that are closely related. The bigger the targeted list the more revenue that a company can potentially generate with each mailing.

In this instance, Ocean Mist could have utilized text message marketing to give its marketing an additional boost by adding another dimension that allows customers an even easier route to participate in the sweepstake. That is certainly a strategy that is currently gaining traction and achieving very high success.

If your company is interested in utilizing the power of mobile website marketing with strategies such as  sweepstakes, mobile text or sms marketing and special offers to attract more customers, build a list and generate more revenue and profits, give us a call today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategist.


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