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Does Your Business Have Mobile Web Services?

With our lives becoming increasingly entwined with the web, as the network of free public access to the web via mobile devices expands, businesses ought to give serious thought to what mobile web services they should be making available to their prospective clients and customers, to keep up with the sign of the times and to stay in business.

Business opportunities to provide mobile web services with the announcement of a new public wifi service by VirginThat expansion received a further boost recently with the announcement that Virgin Media had secured a contract to supply public access Wi-Fi to the London Underground.

While the full details of the deal are not yet known, the potential for advertisers are enormous. This potential however, is only open for exploitation by businesses that have mobile web services – in other words, businesses that are mobile friendly.

If you stopped for a moment to watch how people use their mobile devices while out and about, you will see people routinely tapping into their phones web addresses that they read from ads in newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc, in search of more information via the mobile web.

If your business does not have a mobile web service in place, mobile web traffic will either find it difficult to engage with your business or will not find you because many mobile devices have limited browsing capacity and even the newest smartphones struggle with viewing content on many standard wesites.

Virgin Media’s Announced Launch Public Access WiFi On The Underground, Opens Up New Business Opportunities For Mobile Web Services

Virgin Media will provide public access Wi-Fi at Tube stations from this summer after being winning a contract from the city of London. Virgin Media, in partnership with London Underground, will introduce Wi-Fi at over 80 stations ahead of the summer, going to 120 stations by the end of the year. The new Wi-Fi service will launch as a free, unlimited service for all Tube passengers from July and will continue to offer free live TfL travel information via a new online portal after this period. After the summer, Wi-Fi at Tube stations will be made available as part of Virgin Media’s broadband and mobile subscriptions; all Tube passengers will be able to stay up-to-date with travel information via Virgin Media’s free online portal. Full internet access via Wi-Fi will become available via prepaid and other commercial models. Original article

Unlike the 1990s when the internet was still in its infancy and internet growth was relatively slow, due in large part to the challenges of streaming large amounts of data. The situation today with regards to mobile connectivity to the web and growth of the mobile web is very different.

Businesses will need to prepare themselves with mobile web services because the mobile steam train won’t be stopping for anybody. Many business will inevitably be left behind but those quick enough to respond with reap huge rewards.

The reason why the mobile web has been and will continue to grow more rapidly than the Internet is simply because we already have most of the technical infrastructure in place, and the web is already intricately connected to every part of the globe. The mobile web has already eclipsed the rate of growth of personal computers and world wide web many times over.

The  shear speed that mobile traffic has grown in the last couple of years has taken even the big players in the internet world by surprise, as they struggle to keep up with the enormous demand in mobile web searches and data usage, which itself is a very clear sign that we are in the throes of a radical change in consumer behaviour. As individuals we are connecting with the web, with one another and with the goods and services on a daily basis in a wholly different manner than we did in the past.

The mobile web has reached a critical point in its evolution and it’s now no longer optional for many businesses to continue to ignore it and remain unscathed. Customers are already looking for mobile-friendly services in your local area. If your business doesn’t currently have the ability to engage with these customers don’t be too surprised if you don’t get their custom.


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