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A Closer Look At Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing And Email Marketing

A look at the main differences between mobile email marketing and mobile sms text message marketingThe case for local businesses to adopt mobile SMS text message marketing as an additional component within a company’s overall marketing strategy could not be more compelling.

When you look comparatively at the stats on email open and delivery rates, you will see a consistent fall for the last 4 years. With SMS text messages however, delivery and open rates are at least 95%, which is literally unheard of with emails. In addition, email marketing has become more expensive, while the cost of SMS text messaging is falling.

The problem with emails is that the ISP’s have been getting progressively tougher on what they are allowing through, and with recent moves by the ISPs towards adopting Google’s approach to email delivery of prioritizing  emails according to a user’s history, email marketing has gotten even more difficult and less effective for many businesses.

The problem is also down to the fact that people’s email in-boxes are being bombarded daily with emails that many are simply deleted, or just not reading.

Having said that however, U.S. mobile marketing firm Knotice found that the number of emails being opened on a mobile is on the increase. It also found however, that while open rates have risen on mobile devices, click activity hasn’t, which it puts down to compatibility with mobile devices.

When mobile marketing firm Knotice studied 974 million marketing emails in the U.S. they found that the number of emails opened on mobile devices rose sharply in the second half of 2011 from 20% in the first half to 27%.

However, while mobile email opens are on the rise, click activity is not following as fast and the share lags behind that of desktop PCs. This is mainly down to a lack of mobile email optimization making it difficult, if not impossible, for recipients to interact with an email on their mobile device.

“Email may be one of the largest sources, if not the largest, of mobile impressions and leads that any organization sees,” says Knotice in their report (.pdf). “The traditionally disparate roles of email and mobile marketing within the organization need to come together, understanding that email is very much a mobile marketing channel.” full article here.

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses is how to properly engage with their mobile audience. With typically 30% of customers to a business currently coming from mobile devices (as at 2012), failing to optimize email and a business’s web content for mobile phones and other mobile devices is costing businesses a lot in lost revenues because of the negative impact on conversions.

With mobile SMS text message marketing on the other hand, as mentioned above, the immediate advantage you have is delivery and open rate superiority compared to email. In addition, SMS messaging is an active mobile notification. In other words you immediately receive an alert that you have a text message and it doesn’t require that you have have internet connection, which makes it more reliable. However, while SMS marketing relies less on having access to the web, integration with the web and therefore mobile optimisation, is required to achieve the best returns on SMS marketing campaigns.

Here’s what 3Seventy on Women’s 2.0 online publication had to say about mobile SMS text message marketing.

Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing Is More Effective Than Email Mobile Marketing

Why would you choose SMS campaigns over email marketing for your business? If you are more familiar with email marketing, it can be tempting to stick with something you know.

SMS marketing and SMS advertising are an excellent way to engage consumers, especially if you are using highly targeted content in your messages. They are more likely to be opened by the recipient than an email from an email address that he or she does not recognize. If you can’t get a good percentage of your customers to open your messages, you will not be able to get them to take the next step, which may be to view a special promotion, use a mobile coupon, or visit your brick and mortar location.

Since SMS mobile marketing messages are delivered instantly, they create a sense of urgency for the recipient. This is a great vehicle to deliver a limited time offer to your customer base and encourage your customers to make a decision quickly. Original article here.

Email marketing still has its place as it serves a very useful function. It should be considered as an additional marketing channel to be used for developing a stronger relationship with your target audience that you cannot necessarily do with a short SMS message. However, the real power of mobile SMS text message marketing is its immediacy in getting a message out to customers in a timely fashion to as many of your customers as possible in the knowledge that it will be received and read by 90 to 95% of your customers within 4 minutes.

“Anyone interested in a 15% discount on our lunch time special this afternoon?”[text]. Now you can’t send that out as an email can you, as the lunch special will have gone bad by the time it is read, if it’s read at all?

If you are interested in finding out more on how mobile SMS text message marketing can help your business to develop a strong customer list and increase your sales and profits, why not have a chat with one of our mobile marketing strategists as a free consultation.

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