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Mobile Phone Website Design Services

Our mobile phone website design services is designed to help local businesses convert more of your mobile website visitors, or attract more customers or clients that are actively looking for your goods or services on a mobile device, so that they become your buying customers.

We achieve this is through our services by implementing best practices that is currently understood about mobile website design and mobile search traffic behaviour to achieve maximum conversion rates of your mobile web visitors into actual buyers.

Fundamentally, good mobile phone website design services will start the design process by first understanding your customer, understanding their situation and delivering the information that they are most likely to want with the least amount of fuss.

We’ve also discovered that part of the secret source in maximizing mobile traffic conversions into buying customers is to give your customers a strong compelling reason to engage with your business there and then, since we know that most mobile web visitors are much further along in the buying process then general website visitors.

To treat your mobile website visitors in the same way as desktop web visitors is a mistake. A mobile visitors’ mindset and situation is completely different to a desktop web visitor. A mobile user will often show little patience to stay on a website for long if you make it difficult for them to access relevant content and information quickly and conveniently. The result of a poor mobile experience is high bounce rates as mobile traffic will vote by closing your site and moving to another website, most likely one of your competitors.


Mobile Website Design Services

– Our Approach To Design

Below we set out step-by-step our rational for some of the design features that we often incorporate into our clients’ mobile websites.

By giving you an explanation of some of the key features of good mobile site design, hopefully in the process you will gain some insight into some of the best practices in mobile website design that you may use for your own business should you not wish to use our services or if you are looking for a more local service to you.

If you have not read our article “The 10 Best Practices for Building A Highly Optimized Mobile Website“, it’s recommended that you go there now to familiarize yourself with the fundamental building blocks for good mobile website design.

Your Mobile Phone Website Set-Up

If you set up a mobile website correctly, no matter how your mobile search visitors arrive on your site, whether it’s by navigating directly using your website URL, clicking on a link back to your site, or perhaps as a result of inquiring about your company after seeing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, the mobile redirect script that you upload to your website server instructs the search engines to send any website visitors that’s browsing the internet on a mobile device, to your mobile website.

The first page that a mobile visitor should see when they land on your specially designed mobile website is your company’s branding and logo. If mobile site does not have a strong and clear branding of who you are and what you do, it is recommended that you fix this so that mobile visitors that land on your page know immediately that they are in the right place for the information they are looking for.


Example Mobile Phone Website Design Services

Some Features Inherent In Good Mobile Phone Website Design Services

Next, have a clearly laid out navigation home page with links to any other pages on your mobile site that will help and improve a mobile user’s experience. This means setting up bespoke pages to delivering the type of information that mobile visitors are most likely to want to access. For example a restaurant should think about have information and pages on opening hours, menu, important nutritional information, telephone number(s), GPS mapping with the address and perhaps an About Us page.

Most importantly, always have your strongest “call to action” at the top of the page, which in most cases for local business will be your telephone number so that a prospective customer can contact you if they need further help or want to place an order.

You may also want to consider adding you “touch to call” button on every page of your mobile site so that your mobile user is always one touch away from contacting you. The easier you make it for your customer to engage with you the more likely you will get their business.

Example of Our Mobile Phone Website Design Services

Some Additional Features of Our Mobile Website Design Services


How about An App Icon That Directly Links To Your Mobile Website?

Another great feature that we can add as part of our mobile website design services is to give your mobile visitors the option to download your company’s home screen App icon when they first visit your mobile phone site. If the web visitor accepts the download invitation, a convenient icon image is placed on your visitor’s mobile home screen which means they have a direct link to your mobile website direct from their phone’s home screen without having to do a web search (currently only compatible with iphones).

Example of Our Mobile Phone Website Design Services

That Incorporates An App Icon

Add an Icon Feature to Your Company's mobile Website Design


Features & Benefits of Our Mobile Phone Website Design Services

Here is a list of the many features and benefits of our mobile phone website design services:

  • Highly visible Touch-To-Call button
  • Highly visible Touch-To-Location GPS Map button
  • Highly visible Touch-To-SMS button
  • Highly visible Touch-To-Share button, so your web visitors can share & syndicate to social media sites
  • Thumb-friendly navigation
  • Layout designs focused to improve visitor engagement and conversions
  • Home screen App icon download option for your mobile visitors
  • No pinching or scrolling necessary to view content as text set at 12pt in size
  • Multimedia content is kept light to reduce bandwidth usage
  • Flash is not used as it is not supported by many mobile devices

For professional mobile website designs that are dressed to impress and are highly optimized to get customers calling you or taking your desired action when they land on your mobile website, call us today.

How Much Does It Costs?

The cost of our services for developing your business mobile website is dependent on the complexity of the site and the number of pages that you desire. With prices starting at £397.00 and with the option to spread the cost over a period of 12 months, we’re confident that we can accommodate most budgets.

Our testing however, shows that with much higher conversion rates of mobile visitors to buying customers compared to desktop visitors (up to 3 times as high), the initial cost of investing in a mobile phone website should see a quick return on that investment especially for higher cost professional services.

Our mobile phone website design services are second to none, we can work with you to produce a high quality, highly professional mobile website for your business that converts – so don’t delay call us today.


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