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The Importance of Mobile Optimised Websites For Milton Keynes Hotel Businesses

Milton Keynes Hotel businesses need mobile optimised websites if they are to grab a share of the mobile search traffic for last minute hotel bookings.

Without a mobile optimised websites, many Milton Keynes Hotel businesses won’t be found by last minute travellers in need of somewhere to stay. But there is also another challenge for Milton Keynes hotel businesses that are being listed in the mobile search pages. The majority of hotel businesses in Milton Keynes are directing mobile users to their traditional websites. As a result the user experience for mobile traffic is very poor because it’s almost impossible to view a traditional website properly on a small mobile screen.

Orbitz's Hotel & Travel Mobile Website Design

100 Percent Increase In Orbitz Mobile Traffic In 3 Months

Being mobile optimised for mobile search queries helps the search engines to find relevant businesses and serve it in the mobile search results pages. In addition, having a mobile friendly hotel website that is optimised for mobile search traffic increases conversion rates as the experience is much more user friendly to mobile phone users.

That is the conclusion reached by Orbitz Worldwide, the international travel company. Here’s what they discovered when it set up a mobile optimised website.

Orbitz Mobile Visitors To Its Mobile Optimised Website Doubles To 5 Million In 3 Just months

In the first quarter of this year, 12 percent of our hotel searches were executed by customers using a mobile-optimized version of our website or a native app. And that figure doesn’t even include searches executed by iPad users accessing our regular site through their browser. In December 2011, consumers visited Orbitz mobile sites more than 2.5 million times. Just three months later in March 2012, that number had doubled to more than 5 million.

We’re seeing some interesting differences between how travelers book through mobile compared to the desktop version of our websites. While we typically see same-day reservations hovering around 14 percent of total hotel reservations made through a desktop computer browser, that number surges to 65 percent when you look at bookings made through mobile devices! In the past last minute travelers had to “walk up” to a hotel’s front desk and inquire about the rates available at that particular hotel tonight – making it very tough to compare options. Now travelers can easily search across properties available nearby, compare prices, check out photos and consult reviews before finalizing their decision and making their booking.

There’s another reason for travelers to consider “going mobile” when planning travel: We’re able to offer “Mobile Steals” – exclusive mobile-only rates – to users who search from a mobile device. Many of our hotel suppliers recognize that the heavy skew towards same-day reservations provide an opportunity to fill rooms that they know will otherwise go unsold, and they are willing to offer significant discounts of up to 50 percent off the rates available through other channels to consumers accessing our sites from a mobile device. Just this week for example, we were offering a great four-star resort property in Scottsdale, Ariz., on for $129, already a highly competitive rate, but the resort provided an additional discount for mobile users as part of our “Mobile Steals” offering, bringing the rate down to $83 per night. Bottom line: If you are not shopping for travel on a mobile device, you could be leaving money on the table, or in this case, the nightstand (

So mobile search traffic has very different user behaviour patterns compared with traditional web traffic when engaging with businesses online. And understanding how to properly engage mobile users so that more of this web traffic is actually converted into customers is extremely important if Milton Keynes Hotels are to grab a share of this marketing.

If you are a local Milton Keynes Hotel in need of help with mobile optimisation and mobile website creation, then give us a call today.


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