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3 Reasons Why Mobile Friendly Websites Are Positively Impacting Businesses

Fast growing mobile search traffic combined with the simplicity of mobile website navigation and design is proving to be an explosive combo for small businesses that implement mobile friendly websites into their marketing strategy.

There are 3 key reasons why mobile friendly websites are positively impacting small local businesses when deployed.

1. Mobile Friendly Websites Drive Revenue & Increase customer numbers

Well optimized mobile friendly websites can benefit local businesses by driving significant additional sales and revenue. Brand Anywhere and Luth Research published a report in November 2010 entitled “Supply & Demand of the Mobile Web for Retail” which found that web retailers could increase consumer engagement by 85% by having a mobile-friendly website. It also found that 51% of consumers were more likely to purchase from a retailer that have mobile-friendly sites.

Another important finding in mobile user behaviour was that research showed that a negative overall mobile experience had a detrimental impact on the overall perception of a company. Consumer don’t like pinching, scrolling and squinting their way around a site for information and this can negatively impact a user’s perception of a brand.

For 19% of mobile users a poor user experience forms a negative perception of the company according to research by Compuware in March 2011. Compuware also found nearly 2 in 3 mobile users unlikely to return to a site that they had difficulty navigating and 40% said they had visited a competitors sit instead.

So businesses that adopt a mobile friendly website have the added benefit of not only increasing revenue but alao capture customers dissatisfied with the experience of a competitor’s website.

2. Mobile Web Search Will Continue to Grow Giving a Boost To Businesses That Provide Mobile Friendly Websites To Their Customers

Mobile web search is in explosive growth at present. The rate of growth of mobile search wasn’t fully appreciated until quite recent. Statistics and the results of various studies are only now revealing how quickly mobile usage is growing.

Some industries are experiencing a much bigger shift in the way that consumers are engaging with them. For example, various studies show that the restaurant industry experience high levels of mobile queries of 25% to 30%, in particular take-away and fast food establishments were showing some of the highest mobile query rates.

Taxi services in Milton Keynes and London showed an even larger percentage of mobile search traffic to websites, with close to 50% in some instances as discovered in random studies of local businesses by Local Viral Buzz marketing.

With consumers increasingly living very busy lives, it’s not of any surprise that certain industries are more exposed to the phenomenal growth in mobile search. It’s simply reflective of consumer behaviour and how they like to engage with these local services.

Mobile search growth isn’t expected to stop. Projections of mobile search traffic suggest that there will be more people searching the web on mobile devices than on desktops by 2014. And this pattern of using smart phones to engage with local businesses is not confined to people on-the -go, as research shows that as consumers become more addicted to using their mobile devices, more are using it while at home due to its size and convenience.

3. Mobile Web Users are Ready to Take Action

Research by Duda Mobile Incorp found that well designed mobile friendly websites that incorporate prominent thumb-friendly touch-to-call features led to nearly 1 in 5 consumers immediately calling the business, with some industries seeing very high touch-to-call rates, such as pizzerias (32%), auto-repair services (22.3%) and car services (27.8%).These industries were showing very high engagement levels with their potential customers because of the ease with which mobile friendly websites allow consumers to call a business. Across multiple age groups buying intent of a visitors on mobile friendly websites is higher than with traditional websites.


“It’s the very fact that mobile websites are so simplistic, offering web visitors very clear calls to take certain action like a ‘touch-to-call’ or ‘touch-to-map’, that makes mobile sites so very successful in driving new customers to businesses, as opposed to mere tyre-kickers”.

Compare that with traditional websites that usually have too much going on and so much information that many web visitors tend to leave without engaging with the business because mentally they often overloaded with information, confused and therefore unsure what they should do next.

To find out how mobile-friendly your web presence is you can request a free mobile friendly website design test and report.

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