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Mobile Marketing and advertising Is Likely To Become The Convergence Point Of All Marketing In the Future

Mobile Marketing and Advertising will represent the convergence point of all marketing on and offline.

Mobile marketing and advertising is fast looking like it will become the convergence point or the glue that binds all marketing and advertising activities in the future.

With sales of mobile phones globally continuing on an upward trajectory and with smartphones becoming the norm thanks to the success of mobile gadgets from the likes of Apple and the popularity of android, it’s anticipated that more people with be searching the web with their mobile devices than with desktops within 2 years. Businesses therefore need to focus more of their marketing efforts on integrating mobile marketing and advertising to read mobile search consumers.

There is already a pattern developing that people are actually switching their web search behaviour away from desktops to instead using their mobile phones, and in many parts of the world including the UK, the percentage of people that access the web via smartphones only is on the increase as people ditch home computers. This is likely to increase demand for mobile broadband in place of fixed line broadband services, which will increase the demand on local businesses to offer a better and more mobile friendly web experience.

With so much going on in the mobile marketing and advertising world, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of excitement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the moment.

In the Spotlight, Revenue Building Strategies In Mobile Marketing And Advertising

Revenue-building strategies for mobile-phone operators, financial services in a mobile world and how to capture more of the connected consumer’s time and money — these are just some of the topics likely to be front and center when 60,000 delegates from the mobile-telecoms industry descend on Barcelona for the annual Mobile World Congress.

According to Neil Mawston, a telecoms analyst at Strategy Analytics, most companies at Mobile World Congress will be looking to explain one of two things: “why they haven’t done as well as they thought, or what they will be doing differently in order to do better.”

And they’ll be looking to do that in the context of one of this year’s big, overarching themes, Mawston said: convergence.

“There’s been talk of all parts of the fixed, portable and mobile worlds as well as hardware and software services colliding and inter-competing for years. But it really hasn’t happened in the real world. Now it is,” he added. “Almost every device on Earth right now is either computerizing or mobilizing. Whereas in the past you would only see traditional telephony firms at Mobile World Congress, now you’ll see car players, Web companies, marketing firms. Today, Google is increasingly competing with Nokia and Vodafone and all kinds of mobile-phone players.” Read the full article here.

Imagine for a moment what your business would look like if it had jumped into internet marketing back in early 2000 when you could buy Google Ads for pennies a click, and getting a top ranking for high converting buying keywords was a walk in the Park?

The emergence of mobile marketing and advertising is the golden opportunity that many businesses that understand this market can only dream of. It is an opportunity that is wide open to all offline businesses even those that missed the boat the first time round with online marketing.

The question is what is your business doing to do capitalize on mobile marketing and advertising?

Call us today to speak to one of our mobile marketing strategist on how your business can capitalise on mobile marketing and advertising to attract more sales and customers online.

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