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Why Milton Keynes Restaurant Businesses Need To Better Manage Customer Reviews

Milton Keynes restaurant businesses and many other types of local businesses have a very big challenge ahead of them.

On the 30th May 2012, Google quietly replaced Google Places pages and merged it into the new Google Plus for business, converting approximately 80 million Google Place pages to Google Plus. So Milton Keynes restaurant businesses along with all other local businesses have just inherited a new Google page called Google +

Milton Keynes Restaurant Businesses Are Vulnerable To Blackmail

Is your Milton Keynes Restaurant Business Vulnerable To Blackmail?

That in itself is significant particularly for local businesses as it brings into play the social dimension that Google has been wanting to introduce into its algorithms for some time. Now all businesses have a new Zagat score and rating which allows customers to review and rate local businesses.

But it doesn’t stop there because Google plus has taken the leap by indexing Google Plus which means all those reviews and Zagat ratings are now starting to show up not only in local results, but in organic results, on review sites, in PPC results,  pretty much everywhere in Google. In other words a business’s online reputation has suddenly become naked for everyone to see.

So if you have anything but a 5 star reputation you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be losing customers and business.

But it’s even more insidious than this because it seems that there are some rogue elements that are taking full advantage of this and attempting to blackmail business owners with the threat of a bad review.

And according to a Fox News report cyber-extortion is on the rise.

Milton Keynes Restaurant Businesses Need To Beware of Cyber-Extortion

Scammers are making some restaurants an offer they can’t refuse: A payoff or discount, or they’ll post a nasty rating on online review sites like Yelp! or Angie’s List.

There’s no real data showing how often it’s happening, but anecdotal evidence suggests cyber-extortion is on the rise: scammers know online reviews carry a lot of weight, and can affect a company’s bottom line.

Some are willing to pay to keep bad reviews from popping up, but not Sonny Mayugba, owner of the popular Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar in Sacramento.  He described how a patron recently tried to shake him down after alleging they got food poisoning.
Legal experts say he was wise not to pay, or — to file a lawsuit. They say if a business is seen as litigious, that can cause just as much damage as a negative review. Free speech advocate Matt Zimmerman, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says the better course is to use social media to explain their side of the story, and work even harder to earn more positive reviews.

Read more: see the Fox News report

Don’t allow your business to be hijacked by con artists and opportunists, give us a call today. We will more than happy to discuss how we can help you to protect your business, create a five star reputation and become an authority so customer choose you over your competitors in your local area.

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