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Milton Keynes Businesses Can Profit When Facebook Finally Opens Up Mobile Advertising and Marketing On Its Network

Facebook mobile advertising and marketing

Mobile advertising and marketing is the new honey pot in the advertising world. So its particularly significant that the Facebook IPO publicly revealed the number of members currently accessing the Facebook network via smartphones and tablets.

Facebook is reputed to have in excess of 845 million users of which around 425 million members access Facebook on smartphone and tablets, it was revealed in the recent Facebook IPO.

With generated income of $3.71 billion in 2011, the pressure is now on for Facebook to start generating profits from the growing number of mobile users accessing its network. At present there is no Facebook advertising on its mobile app platform.

The IPO has clearly pushed forward plans for Facebook to monetize mobile traffic to its network with the revelation of a deal with London firm, Bango to provide mobile payment services, a clear signal that mobile advertising and marketing will soon be launched on Facebook.

Here’s what Columbus Dispatch reported on Facebook’s move into mobile advertising and marketing.

Facebook Mobile Advertising and Marketing

“There has never been a media property, to my knowledge, with 400 million users and no revenue model,” said analyst David Berkowitz, vice president of emerging media for digital-marketing agency 360i. “The only form of media that has come close is the Bible, but at least that gets you to church to pay dues. Facebook will undoubtedly pursue other revenue streams, but mobile advertising will need to be one of them.”

According to its filing with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook generated $3.71 billion in revenue in 2011, and about 85 percent came from advertising.

That revenue comes from ads displayed when Facebook’s 845 million monthly average members log on using desktop, laptop or mobile Web browsers. Yet as more people around the world adopt smartphones and tablets, Facebook has been working hard to develop its own apps for mobile devices.

The push has been paradoxically successful for Facebook. On one hand, the company anticipates that its growth rate in mobile users will continue to outpace its overall growth rate “for the foreseeable future.”

But mobile apps don’t have the space to display the same ads that appear when users log on through a computer.

“Our users could decide to increasingly access our products primarily through mobile devices,” the IPO registration said in a section about investment risks. “Accordingly, if users continue to increasingly access Facebook mobile products as a substitute for access through personal computers, and if we are unable to successfully implement monetization strategies for our mobile users, our revenue and financial results may be negatively affected.”

But Facebook is expected to make major announcements to Madison Avenue executives at a six-hour, invitation-only event called fMC. Click here for the original report.

With Facebook IPO putting a valuation of $94 billion on current revenues of just $3.71 billion, it is only a matter of time before Facebook introduces mobile advertising and marketing on its network. The potential for advertisers and businesses is enormous.

Can local milton keynes businesses profit from Facebook advertising and marketing?

The answer is unreservedly yes, given the current low level of competition at a local geographical level. However, businesses need to ensure that their online web presence is mobile-friendly first, i.e. mobile optimised to attract mobile web traffic. Mobile advertising and marketing without the foundation of a correctly mobile optimised web presence would be just disastrous for businesses and damaging to a business’s brand.

For advice and help with mobile advertising and marketing and for specialist help with mobile optimisation, call us today to speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.

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