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Lost Appointments at What Cost to Local Businesses?

Few businesses consider the long term financial cost of late cancellations or missed appointments to their overall profitability.

Whilst we don’t have any figures for the cost to the private sector of lost appointments, from NHS statistics of the cost to the NHS of missed hospital appointments, a staggering £600 million is purportedly lost every year (based on 2008).

It would be reasonable to say therefore, that in the private sector, the cost to businesses due to missed appointments will be a similarly staggering amount.

The surprising thing is businesses can easily and cost effectively put a stop to this lost revenue by simply deploying solutions that are already available in technology that we use everyday.

Our service uses mobile technology because that is the most effective means by which to reach customers and patients since very few people today leave home without their car keys and their mobile phone.

In addition, statistics on open rates of SMS texts is a staggering 95 percent and unlike email, most people read their text messages almost immediately.

Yet very few businesses utilise this powerful platform to communicate important messages. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is due to a lack of understanding on how to use SMS.

Mobile SMS is a very personal form of communication. It should only be used on a permission basis and should not be abused with lots of annoying texts.

Unfortunately, like with many things, it only takes a handful of companies to give give the idea of texting a bad reputation. But these companies fail to do the most important thing and that is to obtain the permission of the mobile user and have full transparency of how many text messages a mobile user will receive in any one month.

Mobile SMS can perform a very valuable service. And so long as it is permission based and the text messages contain all the latest best practice features e.g. a clear opt out link for easy opt outs of the service, both businesses and customers gain significant added value.

The business gains from significantly reducing the number of cancellation – and can even increasing business through late cancellation notifications offers. And customers and patients benefit because they receive a reminder of an appointment that may have simply slipped their mind.

How to Calculate the Cost to Your Business of Late Cancellations or Missed Appointments


Use the Lost Appointments Calculate below to find out how much money your business is losing through lost appointments due to late cancellations or no-shows and how much of that lost revenue you could potentially recover using our simple appointment reminder text message service.


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