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Research By IMRG Reveals How Mobile Marketing In Milton Keynes Can Help Local Businesses.

Mobile web traffic and m-commerce, the purchase of goods and services on a mobile device, are rapidly rising in the UK according to two separate studies, which may help explain why mobile marketing in Milton Keynes can help local businesses.

Research by Manchester based company, Tecmark, in 2011, of websites in various industries found mobile web traffic in the UK growing at an astonishing rate. In addition, according to an IMRG report, mobile shopping in the UK is on a rapid rise – 254 percent in the month of March 2012 compared to 2011. Yet many retailers are still experiencing low levels of trade, in particular poor levels of conversion of mobile visitors.

Mobile Marketing in Milton Keynes

IMRG’s examination of data from 100 online UK retailers sheds some light on what is going wrong for many local businesses in Milton Keynes and in other locations, and helps to explain how a more focused policy on mobile marketing in Milton Keynes can help many local businesses to improve their conversion of mobile web visitors into customers.

Greater Focus On Mobile Marketing In Milton Keynes Will Help Local Businesses To Convert More Customers

According to a report from a U.K. e-commerce trade association, Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), mobile shopping trends data indicates that m-commerce is rapidly on the rise.

In fact, their data indicates that when compared to March 2011, there was an increase of 254 percent in the same month of this year. Equally, though, the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Index shows that there is still a tremendous amount of room for conversions in that channel to grow.

[IMRG] examines data from among 100 online retailers in the United Kingdom. It speculated that one of the reasons that the conversion over mobile devices is being held back is that many shoppers in the U.K. are using their mobile devices to visit the traditional e-commerce websites of online retailers, and that it is too challenging to navigate those sites that aren’t optimized for the mobile experience.

This is because the screen is smaller and it involves having to swipe, zoom, and pinch in order to see products, instead of simply clicking a mouse. Moreover, pages that are too heavy with content can take a long time to load – often more than a minute. Therefore, one of the most important mobile shopping trends among retailers should be to optimize for the m-commerce experience, which fits a small screen, navigates with a touch screen, and is quick to load.

Clearly, a growing number of U.K. retailers are getting the message, as is reflected by a Rich Relevance study, which showed that among all sales made over e-commerce in the U.K., 9.1 percent occurred over mobile channels. Comparatively, the United States is far behind, at only 4.6 percent. Original post can be read here.

Businesses in Milton Keynes and elsewhere ought to take a long hard look at their customer base and consider whether their typical customers are engaging with their service or brand via a mobile phone or other mobile device. A quick glance at a business’s website analytics should provide much of the information needed to discern whether mobile marketing would prove beneficial or not in the immediate term. As for the long term outlook, the trend to mobilize is here to stay, what businesses need to decide is when to make the change.

For help or advice on mobile marketing in Milton Keynes and elsewhere, and how it can be used to increase customer engagement with your brand and develop a steady stream of new customers and revenue, give us a call today.


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