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Why Local Businesses Should Improve M-Commerce In Milton Keynes

Research by eDigitalResearch and Portaltech reveal that 64% of smartphone users shop online with their smartphones; an increase of around 300% since June 2010, which means that if local businesses improved m-commerce in Milton Keynes for consumers, they would see an immediate benefit from increased customer engagement and conversions.

Fast Growing M-CommerceM-commerce or mobile-commerce is the purchase of goods and services on a mobile device. With m-commerce in Milton Keynes and elsewhere continuing to defy even the most ambitious growth projections, many businesses, retailers and brands are dropping the ball on this huge opportunity by failing to make their mobile channels as accessible as possible to maximise the potential that m-commerce has to offer.

Should Local Businesses Improve M-Commerce in Milton Keynes?

According to new industry research published on Wednesday, mobile commerce is growing faster than most people may have realized.

The latest research results from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply shows that 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online, a number that has quadrupled since June 2010.

Additionally, the latest research indicates that 84% of smartphone owners have used their devices to browse websites, with one third doing so on a daily basis.

Not surprisingly, another three quarters are using their smartphones to research products.

“These results confirm that mCommerce has fundamentally revolutionized the way in which we shop and browse,” says Derek Eccleston, Head of Research at eDigitalResearch.

All told, the growth of mobile shopping shows no signs of slowing down. Almost half (44%) of the smartphone owners surveyed said that they would use their devices to browse more in the coming months, with one third (31%) claiming that they would then go on to make a purchase. (article from Mobile Market Watch)

Despite the such strong growth in mobile commerce many local businesses, brands included, have yet to make themselves more visible or optimized to the mobile consumer.

There appears to be a combination of confusion and false assumption by businesses generally that if a consumer doesn’t or can’t complete a purchase of goods and services on a mobile device they will simply switch to a computer, laptop or call the business to complete the purchase. Unfortunately, in the real world this is not what happens. Frustrated mobile consumers often leave a site to purchase elsewhere.

So how do local Milton Keynes businesses improve m-commerce to generate more sales and revenue?

Start by taking a critical look at what a mobile user would expect to experience when they visit your site. Do they simply land on your main website or are they redirected to a mobile friendly website, one which has thumb friendly navigation, is easy to read without zooming and doesn’t require scrolling left to right to read  what’s on the page?

Next if you are encouraging your prospective consumer to buy directly from your site rather than getting them to call you or engage with you in some other way, do you have a dedicated mobile shopping cart? Ask yourself, if you were a purchaser of your own goods or services, how easy is it for someone to engage or buy from you?

Be honest with yourself, better still ask a colleague, friend or family member to give a critique of the experience. If the result of this experience reveals that the mobile user experience is less than satisfactory, take action on those things you’ve identified as needing improvement.

If you are interested in more information or in developing a professional, highly effective, mobile marketing strategy to capture more of the business that is currently searching for your goods or services on mobile devices, then give us a call today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.

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