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Google Soon To Overtake Apple In Mobile Apps Downloads

The mobile apps market is sizzling hot right now with Apple’s App Store dominance for mobile app downloads coming under clear threat from Google’s Playstore.

Google mobile apps Downloads Outpacing Apple

Google App Downloads Outpace Apple

In fact Techland Time guesstimates that based on Google’s current monthly app growth rate of approximately 100,000 every 4 months, Google’s Android market, which is growing much faster than Apple is poised to tie with or even bypass Apple’s App store downloads sometime this year (2012).

Here’s what the Independent reported on Sunday about Google’s phenomenal rise to dominance in app downloads.

Google’s Mobile Apps Downloads Break The 15 Billion Mark

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform in the world with more than 300 million devices. App developer Shazam, the music identification service that allows users to identify unknown tune titles from TV commercials and songs, has seen its android apps grow to more than 20 million users. Five million of its android apps are downloaded a week.

Google is working with small app developers, including UK-based AI Factory, which has grown from five apps last year to 11, with 30 million downloads.

Apps are a lucrative business and Apple and Google take up to 30 per cent from every app sold. The big two have left Microsoft lagging with about 70,000 apps compared to Google’s 500,000 and Apple’s 600,000 (The Independent)

Financially, Apple has probably done rather better than Google given that much of the latter’s growth has significantly come about by the availability of a large number of free downloads or free until you upgrade type apps.

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