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Do You Have A Mobile Friendly Website Design? Get A Free Test & Report Today

Does Your Milton Keynes Business Have A Mobile Friendly Website Design? Claim your FREE Test & Report Today.

Milton Keynes businesses are unnecessarily losing customers to competitors because they are not attracting mobile web search visitors.

Having a mobile friendly website design simply means that when a person visits your main website from a mobile device, all content, images and navigation correctly render on a small mobile screen without the need to squint and scroll to be able to read and access the content. But there are many other benefits of having a mobile friendly website design.

By way of illustration, take a look at the image below which compares what A mobile friendly website design looks like compared with a non mobile friendly website design.

Which does your business website look like?

Is Your Business Suffering By Not Having A Mobile Friendly Website Design?

Mobile Friendly Website Design Or Mobile Unfriendly?

If your business website is not mobile friendly, unfortunately it’s a double whammy because not only do mobile web visitors have low tolerance to stay on a site that is not mobile friendly and so leave the site, it has a detrimental impact on bounce rates of your main website. Your websites’ overall ranking with the search engines could therefore suffer as consequence.

In addition to this, from random tests that Local Viral Buzz performed in late 2011 of local business in Milton Keynes, the percentage of total mobile search traffic to websites ranged from 8% to as high as just under 50% of total web visitors for some businesses. If businesses fail to address the issue, they will undoubtedly be suffering from lower sales and turnover not to mention damage to brand as various studies suggests that many mobile visitors never return to a website that gives a poor mobile experience.

With all the large global brands gearing up to make their web presence mobile friendly, it is imperative for smaller local businesses to smarten up their web image because predominately mobile visitors are searching for local goods and services and are ready to buy. Businesses therefore that are currently better positioned to serve mobile web search visitors will be taking the lions share of this traffic.

If you want to understand what all the fuss is about and why it’s important for Milton Keynes businesses to have a mobile friendly website design and presence, go to our page which is about mobile friendly website design and marketing.

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The test and report will show you how your current site looks on a smartphone, and provides a report on what’s working and what you can do better.

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