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Food Alliance To Embrace Mobile Phone Marketing In New Deal With Foodtree

Food Alliance partners with Foodtree Media, a marketing company that offers social media, mobile phone marketing and other web based tools to the food industryUS based Food Alliance, a sustainable agriculture certification body announced a new deal with mobile phone marketing and web technology company, Foodtree Media, which gives Food Alliance immediate access to Foodtree’s full range of marketing tools including GPS store locator map technology and QR codes.

The deal will immediately expand Food Alliance’s reach and its ability to get its message out to its customers through social media, mobile phone marketing and other web-based channels.

Here’s a short extract about the deal which was covered in the “Virtual Strategy Magazine”.

Food Alliance To Embrace Mobile Phone Marketing, Social Media & Other Web Technology Tools In New Partnership With Foodtree

The new agreement grants Food Alliance Certified companies and Food Alliance Supply Chain Allies free access to Foodtree’s full range of marketing tools for food businesses, including store locator maps and quick response (QR) codes. The QR codes link to a customized mobile profile displaying farm details, including where consumers can find Food Alliance Certified products in their community.

Foodtree founder, chef and CEO Anthony Nicalo says, “Food Alliance is the perfect partner for us, in that we’re both working hard to make sure great food producers are recognized for their efforts and have affordable ways to connect with consumers.”

“The internet has fundamentally transformed consumer expectations about the purchases they make, and the power of communication and transparency is just beginning to impact food. Foodtree exists to connect food lovers and food businesses, and we couldn’t be more excited to help Food Alliance communicate the work they’re doing around the country.” Read the full article here

With Cisco Systems recently projecting that by the end of 2012 the number of mobile connected devices will have surpassed the number of people on earth and by 2016 there will be an estimated 10 billion mobile devices compared to a world population of 7.3 billion, Alliance Food’s union with a mobile phone marketing and web technology company will instantly open it up to the growing number of mobile connected customers.

The infamous mobile marketing expert, Dan Hollings, who was behind the hit movie “The Secret” claims that businesses that don’t have a mobile strategy that caters for the increasing number of mobile phone users, are losing up to 25% of business.

Local Viral Buzz’s own local research of businesses in Milton Keynes and London certainly attests to the high volume of mobile traffic, even here in the UK. The actual percentages did however differ significantly depending on the type of business, with consumer focused businesses showing some of the highest mobile web search traffic, such as restaurants, taxi firms and hotels.

The first thing that business owners ought to think about is deploying a mobile friendly website design even if it’s a low cost off-the-shelf template mobile site, which is readily available online. That way at least if a potential customer is searching for their goods or services from a mobile device, they will at least have a better engagement with that customer and improve its prospect of gaining new business.

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