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Imminent Announcement on Facebook Mobile Advertising and Marketing

Facebook made two principal announcements at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona both of which will help it to exploit Facebook mobile advertising and marketing on its platform.


Facebook Mobile Advertising and Marketing to launch soon Facebook's social media platform


Facebook announced the formation of a new community group the W3C called Core Mobile Web Platform to help developers to integrate Facebook apps with mobile devices and a deal with Bango, a U.K-based mobile billing and analytics provider, which will to provide a simplified app payment system, which is also designed to solve developer complaints about mobile compatibility.

The decision by Facebook to improve its interface with mobile devices is not so much about appeasing the mobile network operators as it is about tapping into a new potential revenue stream from Facebook mobile advertising and marketing, which is a critical part of Facebook’s future growth particularly as approximately half of its users now access it’s platform through mobile devices – a portion that will only increase in the years ahead.

In response to Facebook’s announcement Paul Lambert, senior Analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media was quoted as saying the following on Mobile Europe:

Facebook Moves For Greater Mobile Compatibility Designed To Open Up Facebook Mobile Advertising and Marketing

“…the move places Facebook at the heart of the mobile community, with the Internet giant acting as a champion for a mobile internet that works better for mobile operators and their customers, and one that operators can monetise more effectively than they do at present.

“A key challenge for Facebook will be whether it can work successfully enough with the many different companies in the mobile industry who often have competing technology and business strategies to achieve its ambitious goals,” he added.

Lambert said that one attraction for operators of simplified billing would be that they could help developers create applications that can work across numerous devices that they can bill customers directly for, thereby taking a cut of the price paid for the application or service.

“On an important level, Facebook’s announcements today are as much about the balance of power between the mobile and Internet companies as they are about how Facebook can help the mobile industry solve the problem of application stores generating lots of traffic, but little in direct incremental revenue. As such, mobile operators will hope that working with Facebook could help mobile operators create a new eco-system that over time dilutes some of the power held within the industry by the current market-leaders in the application store space: Apple and Google,” Lambert said. The full news report can be found here.

The latest moves by Facebook sends an important message and follows hot on the heals of a long line of large corporations, Google included, that have moved into the mobile advertising space due to the global trend to go mobile. The social media Goliath’s recent soundings to enter the fray with its own Facebook mobile advertising and marketing platform is a big deal and sends a very strong message that mobile web traffic isn’t something that can be ignored in our increasingly mobilized world.

Local businesses need to follow suit to avoid being left out in the cold once again in the race to claim a stake in the new market order of mobile advertising, and now Facebook mobile advertising and marketing. The potential upside for local business that start adapting its marketing strategy to take in mobile search traffic, is potentially transformational given the very low levels of competition that currently exists.

If your business would like help with extending its advertising and marketing reach with mobile advertising and be positioned to take advantage of Facebook’s move it Facebook mobile advertising, call us to today to speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.

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This focus of this article is to alert local businesses in Milton Keynes and London of the need to incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing strategies not least in order to capitalize on the future of Facebook mobile advertising and marketing.