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The Connection Between Busy Restaurants in Milton Keynes & Online Customer Reviews

Boosting Restaurants in Milton Keynes Good Customer Reviews and Star Ratings Increases Customer Attendance Levels

Increase a Restaurant’s Popularity by Improving the Number of Good Customer Reviews

Is there a connection between how popular or busy restaurants in Milton Keynes are and positive online customer reviews and ratings?

Well, according to a study published in the Economic Journal of 148,000 Yelp reviews of 328 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a direct link between a restaurant’s good customer reviews and star ratings and the likelihood of filling up during peak dining times.

Study by Anderson & Magruder Found a Positive Relationship Between Restaurants’ Star Ratings & Customer Reviews And Being Sold Out During Peak Times

“This is the first study to link online consumer reviews with the popularity of restaurants,” said study lead author Michael Anderson, assistant professor of agricultural and resource economics. “We show that social media sites and forums play an increasingly important role in how consumers judge the quality of goods and services.”

The study found that moving from 3 stars to 3.5 stars increases a restaurant’s chance of selling out during prime dining times from 13 percent to 34 percent, and that moving from 3.5 stars to 4 stars increases the chance of selling out during prime dining times by another 19 percentage points. These changes occur even though restaurant quality is held constant. Read the full article.

The findings may not be particularly surprising when you consider that star ratings and customer reviews is a quick and efficient way for potential customers to choose between a bewildering choice of restaurants. And with there being no shortage of restaurants in Milton Keynes, consumers are no different in Milton Keynes to anywhere else in the world when it comes to making a decision on where to dine.

A comprehensive study by Nielsen Global into consumer trust found that 92 percent trusted personal recommendations and 7o percent said that they trusted reviews posted online as much as personal recommendations.

Given the choice, most customers will prefer to eat at a restaurant that has the best star ratings and consumer reviews. Given a choice between a restaurant with an average 4-star rating and a restaurant that only gets 3-star rating, most will go with the former.

That applies to anything that we buy, whether it reviewing holidays or hotels that we are thinking of staying at, because consumers of products and services are looking to engage with businesses that is most consistent in providing the kind of service that they are looking for. Consumers are naturally put off when they see negative reviews about a restaurant because they are afraid that they too may have a similar experience.

You have to understand the psychology of the buyer. When looking for products and services consumers are looking for the most reputable business.


Do Bad Customer Reviews Influence Your Choice of Restaurants in Milton Keynes?

Let’s assume that you’re looking for an Italian restaurant. You find lots of Italian restaurants but only 2 have enough customer reviews for you to make an informed decision on whether the restaurant seems like a good place to dine at.

One restaurant has 10 good reviews,  the other has 3 good reviews but one bad review. Which would you most likely choose?

Well, as the study by Anderson & Magudar suggests, the restaurant with 10 good customer reviews would be the most popular and most likely to be the busiest at peak times because as consumers we want to have a great experience when we eat out.

When we have no experience of one restaurant over another, we will rely either on personal recommendation or what other consumers say about a restaurant to get some idea of whether a restaurant will deliver a service that is consistent with the kind of experience that we would like.

Potential customers therefore tend to avoid restaurants with bad reviews as they don’t want to have  the kind of experience that’s expressed in a bad online customer review. And that is what will be happening with local restaurants in Milton Keynes that are attracting a lot of bad reviews and ratings.


Graham Cardona is one of the leading experts in reputation marketing. He helps local businesses with their reputation by nurturing and developing a 5-star reputation online, then leveraging the power of social proof (what customers say) by marketing a business’s 5-Star reputation, so that a business is positioned as the market leader.

For more information on how reputation marketing can help local restaurants in Milton Keynes or where you are, call us on (+44)01908 225672.



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