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How To Attract More Customers Using Mobile Marketing With Coupons

The internet and internet marketing and advertising is a fast changing environment, and mobile marketing with coupons is as new as they come when it comes to marketing strategies.

For many local business owners, one of the most frequently asked question by local business owners is how to get more customers, but finding the answer to this question has frequently eluded many local businesses.

Many businesses still rely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing as their only method to attract more business. Yet despite the general disappointment with the effectiveness of traditional advertising to drum up new business, very few have had the appetite to venture into new marketing media, such as mobile marketing with coupons, in the main because it is least understood.

Many business owners will have heard of Groupon which has popularised coupons and discount vouchers. Business owners are smart enough to realise that coupons are extremely popular with customers. Similarly, most business owners are very aware that their customers are much more sophisticated today than ever – they make informed decisions before buying and frequently turn to their mobile phones or other mobile devices to search for information on local goods and services.

However, what many local business owners haven’t yet worked out is how they themselves can use these popular and growing trends i.e. coupons and changing mobile user behaviour, to get more business.  Sandeep Gulyani however offers some good advice on mobile marketing with coupons and the main components for setting up a profitable mobile marketing campaign incorporating coupons.

What Is Mobile Marketing With Coupons & How Does It Work?

Mobile marketing with coupons

e-coupons don't need scissors

“Businesses have to go where the customers are, and for the 88% of U.S. adults who own cell phones, that means going mobile. Mobile coupons can be used at retail stores for savings or to redeem a reward.

Driving traffic via mobile coupons requires a four-step strategy:


Step One: Decide what kind of mobile coupon to offer

Mobile coupons generally come in two different formats:

1. Text message coupons: You can create text-only coupons which are included within text messages as a uniquely generated code, or may be a single code for all customers who opt-in to receive mobile coupons or deals from your business.

The advantage of text message coupons is that, almost all mobile phones have text messaging capability, so you have the most penetration and redemption rate. You can also include web or mobile site links, unique coupon codes or instructions for using the coupons. The disadvantage of the text message coupon that you have only 160 characters to work with.

2. Multi Media Messaging (MMS)  coupons: You can create an image of your coupon with a scanner or graphic design software.

Step Two: Develop a database of customers’ mobile phone numbers

Never send a mobile coupon to customer without their consent. It is essential that mobile list is formed of customers who have specifically opted in to receive mobile coupons or deals from the merchant. Don’t wait: start developing this list today, even if you don’t plan on investing in a mobile coupon or text message marketing strategy for some time. This is crucial to the success or failure of your mobile coupon or text message campaign.

The best way to build your mobile opt-in list is to implement Text-to-Join campaign throughout your advertisement, in store, online, or through Facebook. Hire experienced mobile marketing company to help you through the process of sending up Text-to-Join and mobile coupon campaign.

Step Three: Send mobile coupons to mobile devices.

Now, make sure your mobile-friendly coupons make their way to your customers’ devices.

Use a mobile marketing company to deliver a text message coupon or link to your mobile web coupons or MMS coupons. Remember that you can only send these messages to a permission-based list.

Step Four: Allow customers to redeem mobile coupons in store or online shopping

Include redemption instructions in the mobile coupon, how to redeem at point of sale or during online shopping check-out process. Make sure your staff is aware of the mobile coupon offer and know how to verify validity.

Keep mobile coupon offers exclusive, make them feel special and justify you having their mobile number for future promotions.

Mobile marketing with coupons is certainly gaining in popularity and that’s probably in large part due to the fact that its main marketing platform is built on a combination of traditional advertising plus simple mobile SMS text messaging which all mobile phones are capable of receiving.

The main advantages of mobile SMS marketing are that all marketing messages are almost always instantly received by the recipient; they have very high open rates (95% are opened and read); and it’s highly cost effective to send out text message alerts about coupons and other special deals compared with other marketing channels.

And when you add this to a mobile customer list-building platform, you have yourself a very powerful but highly cost effective marketing tool that virtually any small local business can use to attract more business.

If you need help in creating a mobile marketing with coupons campaign for your business, call us today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists who will be happy to give help and advise.


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