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Learn How To Quickly Profit From Advertising On Groupon Milton Keynes With This Simple Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing Strategy.

How to turn a loss making Advertising On Groupon Milton Keynes Campaign to A Profitable Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing CampaignIn this article I want to introduce you to a very simple but killer effective mobile sms text message marketing strategy that has the potential to make advertising on Groupon Milton Keynes highly profitable for your business within a very short period.

If you’ve been following my blog post you will know from our research of advertising on Groupon Milton Keynes or in any other geographical location that it can be a very expensive marketing exercise for local businesses when you take into consideration the heavy discounting that your business has to offer and Groupon’s very high commission charges to use it’s daily deal service.

There’s also the added downside that for many businesses, getting Groupon consumers to become their long term customers isn’t an easy task. The reason for this is arguably because of the type of consumer that joins and regularly searches on Groupon i.e. people searching on Groupon are on the whole professional bargain hunters with little affiliation to any particular business other than Groupon.

However, despite these shortcomings, advertising on Groupon Milton Keynes and in other locations does have its attraction i.e. instant access to a very large number of local and national consumers looking for the goods and services that you offer. Groupon is undoubtedly a formidable online advertiser, and used smartly you could end up being quids in in the medium to long term, and here’s how.

If you have any marketing experience you will have heard the expression that “the money is in the list”. This expression is a spin on the widely accepted truism that the value of your business is based on the number of customers you have frequenting your business and spending money with you on a regular basis. Without your regular customers you have no business and the bigger the list, the more money that your business can potentially make.

Some of the most successful businesses in history assembled huge customer databases that were regularly sent communications about their product or service offerings. With each marketing message that is broadcast, whether it’s by snail-mail or email, etc, that business often experiences a large spike in the amount of business it generates immediately following the broadcast.

Groupon is an excellent example of a company that assembled a huge email subscriber lists. Their business model is very simple but clever. They get consumers to sign up to their service on the promise that they will connect them with some of the cheapest deals around. Groupon, armed with a monster-sized list, then simply approaches local businesses with the carrot of being able to send businesses a lot of potential customers.

This kind of business model has been around for many years, the only difference is that Groupon leveraged the viral power of the internet to take it to a whole new level. The downside however, as I mentioned with advertising on Groupon Milton Keynes and other location is that it often provides a very poor return on investment for many local businesses.

The New Game In Time – Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing Strategy

But there is a way to reduce the risk of your advertising on Groupon Milton Keynes and elsewhere turning into a dud, and that’s with mobile SMS text message marketing to develop a customer list of your own that you can then use to make decent long-term reoccurring profits.

The key to this strategy is to develop your own list from the customers sent to you by Groupon. With open rates as low as 10% on email deliveries and which has been in decline for the last few years, the new kid on the block,  mobile SMS text message marketing, is a super sneaky but very powerful strategy that is currently getting open rates in excess of 95%. And the great thing is that this strategy is super simple. You use Groupon to attract hordes of potential new customers, then entice them into your own list with an irresistible offer and cut out Groupon and it’s expensive commission charges so that you make 100% of the profits from all future marketing to your new list of customers. Awesome!

Mobile SMS text message marketing is simple, very cost effective and also, done correctly, is a very effective marketing strategy for local business in Milton Keynes and elsewhere. To find out more or to discuss how mobile SMS text message marketing can help your business, give us a call today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.

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