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The Five Essential Ingredients For Running A Successful Mobile Text Message Marketing Campaign

Critical Features for running a successful text message marketing campaign.To run a successful text message marketing campaign, like any type of marketing whether it’s online or offline, it’s critically important that you have all the essential pieces of the marketing puzzle and that you put them together in the correct way.

The difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful campaign can be as little as the use of the wrong image or the wrong adjective in your headline message. It is therefore refreshing to find an article in that nails it on the head with a succinct explanation of  the critical aspects of a good text message marketing campaign, which I’ve posted below.

If you are doing any kind of mobile phone text message marketing in your business, I suggest that you study the 5 critical aspects that are discussed and ensure that they are always present in your text message marketing campaign. This will go a long way in helping you achieve a good return on your marketing investment.

What To Include & Avoid To Create A Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

1. Be brief and focused.

Your text message should be laser focused and succinct. There’s no room for fluff in mobile marketing. Know who your target audience is and speak directly to it. Leave out extraneous details and simply describe how to take advantage of your offer and its benefits.

2. Avoid hype, slang and abbreviations.

If your text message looks like spam, consumers will delete it without a second thought. It’s critical that you leave out anything that might seem too slick and promotional. That includes marketing hype like “amazing” offers, slang and text abbreviations, all of which cheapen the perception of your brand and can destroy your campaign.

3. Offer something of immediate value.

No one wants to receive texts from a company unless the messages offer something of immediate value. Because text messaging is an instantaneous medium, you should include real-time offers. Whether you’re providing information about a sale or a new product, the message should describe the benefits of acting now.

4. Identify yourself.

How often have you received a text that doesn’t identify the company or brand? Instead, you often see a phone number you don’t recognize and a vague message that could have come from any number of companies. And how often have you simply deleted those anonymous messages? It’s essential that you clearly identify your business or brand to avoid getting the spam treatment.

5. Make consumers feel special.

Don’t clutter consumers’ text message inboxes with offers and news they could easily get from your website or your brick-and-mortar locations. Instead, make recipients of your texts feel they’re special and have qualified for an exclusive promotion. Otherwise, they will most likely opt out of receiving any future texts from you. You can read the full article here:

Mobile text message marketing or SMS marketing should never to treated in the same way as other forms of marketing.

Always have in mind that a text message is almost akin to a telephone call – it’s a very personal communication tool. Done incorrectly, text message marketing can be perceived as very intrusive and annoying to a recipient particularly when text messages are continually being sent that are unsolicited and give little or no value to the receiver of the text.

Avoid alienating your customers. If you abuse the simplicity of SMS text technology to spam your potential customers with unwanted messages, you may  quickly find it having a negative impact on your business by damaging your customers’ perception of your business.

To run a text message marketing campaign is relatively simple, very cost effective and constructed correctly, can be extremely effective for local businesses in Milton Keynes and elsewhere in winning new customers and business.

To find out more or to discuss how a text message marketing campaign can help your business, give us a call today and speak with one of our mobile marketing strategists.

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