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Mobile Search Traffic & Mobile Optimisation | Milton Keynes & London


Mobile search traffic i.e. people searching the web on a mobile device, is the fastest growing search traffic and the highest converting traffic for businesses that provide local goods and services.

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The Growth In Mobile Phone Ownership & Mobile Search Traffic

Everyone has been taken by surprise at the shear speed of take-up of mobile phone usage and the consequential exponential growth of mobile search traffic from mobile web surfers searching for goods and services or information generally on mobile devices.

Research undertaken in early 2012 by strategic mobile marketing analysts at Local Viral Buzz of local Milton Keynes & London businesses revealed some startling results after analyzing local mobile search traffic statistics .

A random study of keyword search volumes for specific local businesses, revealed mobile search traffic varied between 8% to as high as 45% of the total search volume for some businesses. For those businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly sites, the potential loss of online sales is in some cases serious, warranting immediate action.

It’s important therefore for local businesses to get up to speed and to understand why optimising a business’s web presence for mobile search traffic.

The potential for local business to see an immediate increase their online sales from customers actively looking to engage with business through handheld mobile devices is significant. Yet many local businesses remain oblivious to the challenges faced by their current customers as well as their potential customers with many marketing companies struggling to keep up with the fast changing nature of online marketing.

How Local Milton Keynes & London Businesses Can Benefit From the Growth In Mobile Search Traffic?

The starting point for any business in Milton Keynes and London areas is to plug these marketing holes by addressing the need to have a mobile friendly presence to cater for this new rapidly growing mobile search traffic.

Understandably, a lot of business owners that we have spoken to are genuinely confused on the issue of what it means to have a mobile friendly web presence, making the assumption that mobile apps address this issue.

Unfortunately, mobile apps are not necessarily the ideal solution for every business, and irrespective of whether a business ought to have a mobile App, the first priority should always be to ensure that businesses have a mobile ready website, to ensure that they are getting maximum exposure and engagement with mobile search traffic that are looking for their goods and services.

If businesses are still confused on whether they should invest in a mobile app or in a mobile website, the question you need to ask yourself is do your customers search App stores for your goods and services?

The answer to that question for the avoidance of doubt is 100% no, 100% of the time.

So, unless your business has an existing large customer base that could immediately benefit from the use of an App to access some of your goods and services, the most important invest should be in a mobile website investing in a mobile app. And even if you do choose to invest first in a mobile App, this should not be considered as a substitute for a mobile website.

That is not to say that Apps are not good marketing tools. On the contrary, used correctly they can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Being mobile friendly to mobile search traffic has the added benefit of boosting your main website’s rankings as Google’s search engine algorithms take into consideration whether a website has a mobile friendly website, in addition to monitoring a website’s bounce rates.

A high bounce rate is an indication that traffic is landing on your website but quickly bouncing off because due to poor relevancy or user experience. This would include for example, mobile traffic that lands on a desktop website that is not mobile friendly resulting in poor user experience causing that traffic to leave your site immediately, causing bounce rates to increase.

Some More Shocking Stats on Mobile Search Growth

  • There are now 4 x as many mobile phones as there are people on the planet; and
  • Mobile search is projected to exceed desktop web search by 2014/15, at current growth rates and as all new mobile phone come with web search capabilities.

The GOOGLE Study of Mobile User Behaviour

In 2011, Google conducted a study of 5000 smartphone users entitled “The mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users“.

The results of that study is nothing short of startling, but equally it serves as a warning to businesses that are dependent on attracting and serving customers in their local area.

The study revealed that:

  • 77% of the smartphone users visit web pages via search, followed by social networking, retail and video sharing websites.
  • 95% of smartphone users looked for local information.
  • 9 out of 10 smartphone searches resulted in an action such as a purchase, visiting a business or calling a business, etc.
  • 88% of mobile users that look for local information take action within a day, indicating mobile searches are for immediate information needs.
  • 77% of mobile users surveyed contacted a business with:
    • 61% calling; and
    • 59% visiting the local business.

Mobile Search Traffic & Search Trends For Local Goods & Services

The importance to local businesses of the above statistics cannot be overstated as they clearly reveal that mobile users browsing the web on their mobile device are first and foremost looking for information about local goods and services, and secondly, they frequently have an immediate need to take action (i.e. they are “buyers”).


Mobile Devices Are The Ultimate Traffic Companion

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